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Hack For Eating Fast Food On The Road & Not Making A Mess

by SharonKurheg

With roughly 60% of U.S. citizens hesitant to fly, it means there have been a whole lot of road trips. This will probably continue for a while yet, until more of us have been vaccinated.

But whether we’re in the car to go across the country or just across town, most of us in the passenger seat all have the same dilemma at one time or another – how to eat fast food without making a mess.

I mean, think about it – let’s say you used this post to learn where to find a McRib sandwich, and you totally lucked out because this post told you that their ice cream machine was working so you could even get a shake at the same McDonalds. Get some fries with that, and you have a whole meal. Now, sure, you can put the drink in the cup holder (or if not, then between your knees), but if you’ve got that main course, as well as fries, it all winds up being awkward at best and messy at worst.

Well, I recently discovered that a social media user showed the world how to eat fast food a whole lot easier and without all that mess. TikTok user @sontnv shared a video in 2019 that showed how he was able to combine his nuggets, fries and drink all into something that could easily be held in one hand. Take a look:


Habt ihr das schon probiert? 😍🍟 #foryou #foryoupage #viral #fyp #fürdich #boy #mcdonalds #feature

♬ wOaH – maddi barclay🥀

Another TikTokker, @marialenaopara, took the “invention” one step further and showed how it could be eaten in a car:


Drive thru #hack // truco para #McDonalds #hacks #drivethru #ratethings #truco #trucos #mcdonaldshack

♬ No Fear – DeJ Loaf

As it turned out, neither of them were being original – McDonald’s UK showed the hack back in early 2019:

And McDonald’s Australia followed it up on Instagram a few months later with a step-by-step illustrated tutorial:

Regardless of the history of the hack, it’s still an excellent idea for road trips. Safe travels!

Feature Photo: McDonald’s

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