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Remember That January 22nd Deadline To Have Real ID At The Airport?

As we hope you read in this article from October, Homeland Security said that as of January 22, 2018, all American citizens age 18+ who used a driver’s license as ID would need one that was Real ID compliant, or live in a state that had gotten an extension while actively pursuing the changeover to Real ID, in order to use it to get through TSA security at U.S. airports. It wasn’t a new decree – they had been working towards this since 2005 and the first deadline had been May, 2008 – but there had been extension after extension for states that were non-compliant. But January 22 was going to be THE final date. In the past few days it was said there were still 9 states that weren’t yet compliant AND still hadn’t filed for extensions, so what was going happen to them as of January 22nd?

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Why Do Banks Make Everything So Difficult?

Over the past week, I’ve had to deal with issues from three different banks. Needless to say, it’s been a long week. I don’t understand why, when dealing with a bank, every transaction must be difficult. It’s like pulling teeth to get anything accomplished. When everything is difficult, I tend to get introspective and think, “Maybe I’m the one that’s difficult to deal with.” I’m looking for some objective opinions, is it me or is it the bank?

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What If Your Rental Car Company Overcharges You For Tolls?

Paying for toll roads and bridges/tunnels has become more complicated in recent years. More and more locations are depending on toll-by-plate systems to send you a bill or otherwise use a transponder in your car to keep track of how much you owe. If you go through a toll in a rental car, the bill for the toll goes to the rental car company and eventually gets charged to your credit card. Rental car companies have turned this into another way for them to rip you off augment their revenue stream and often add huge surcharges to rentals even if you only go through one toll during your rental. We’ve written about how you can try to avoid these charges by renting from a company who charges a fair rate for their toll payment services. But what if the car rental company sends you a bill after your rental for tolls you know you didn’t go through?

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Adventure Awaits: Go Rafting On Some Incredible Man Made Rapids

Have you ever gone white water rafting? I have…twice! The first time was in 2006 on the Colorado River, and the second time was in Montana, on the Flathead River, in 2010. Both times were when we were on Adventures By Disney tours. The trip on the Colorado River was incredible, with Class I and II rapids and I think one “almost a III” (rapids are labeled from Class I to Class V, depending on difficulty). The experience in Montana was during dry season and the rapids weren’t as strong, but let me tell you, it was still a whole lot of fun! Here’s some recently found video of the last rapid of the day during that Flathead River trip:

You’d think that part of the ability to go white water rafting would be going to where the rivers with the white water rapids were. But nope! If you’re just in it for the excitement of the rapids, there are several man made rapids in places where rivers can’t be found for miles. Here are some of them, in no particular order:

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What To Do With Your Pet(s) If You Love To Travel

We’re lucky that we get to travel as much as we do. A problem this presents is what are we to do with our toy poodle, Dobby, while we’re away from the house? Dobby is a cuddly ball of cute but she does have a mischievous streak in her.

As you can see, Dobby likes socks, I guess that’s we get for naming her Dobby (from the Harry Potter books).

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New Travel Advisories For U.S. Travelers

Attention international travelers! Last week the Department of State updated how they share information with U.S. travelers and the improvements are said to provide U.S. citizens with, “clear, timely and reliable safety and security information worldwide.” Under the new system, every county in the world will have an individualized Travel Advisory number, which will provide levels of travel-related advice ranging from 1 to 4. The levels are:

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