Why JetBlue Offering Non-Refundable Fares Isn’t A Big Deal

JetBlue finally announced the details of their basic economy fare called “Blue Basic.” This wasn’t a surprise as they announced about a year ago that these fares were coming. Now that we can see what these fares include or don’t include, we know how bad the changes are.

For now, it’s hard to tell, since JetBlue isn’t offering Blue Basic fares on all flights. Until we see the difference in prices between the two fares, it will be difficult to judge how painful this change will be.

It’s easy to look through the prism of a frequent flyer when looking at these changes. Blue Basic fares are terrible for frequent JetBlue Mosaic flyers because they’ll lose all of their benefits, including the ability to cancel and change flights with no fees while requiring them to pay for a seat assignment.

But what do these changes mean for an infrequent traveler? Do they care if a fare is non-refundable?

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A Risk Of Booking Airline Awards With Partner Airlines

Most of the people who redeem frequent flyer miles for an airline ticket will do so to travel on the airline that sponsors the program. Skymiles members will book a flight on Delta,  AAdvantage members will book flights on American, and so on.

Once you start to learn more about using your miles and points, you soon find out that the best redemptions for your miles aren’t with the sponsor airline but with their alliance or non-alliance partners. At first, it’s a difficult concept to understand; I remember the first time I told my father he could use his Skymiles for a flight on Korean Air.

You first need to learn the basics of airline alliances. After that, you’ll need to get an idea of award charts, or at least what awards should cost for the airlines who no longer publish award charts. For those who don’t want to put in the time, there are always award booking services.

While the reward for booking an award with a partner airline can be great by either saving you thousands or ten-thousands of miles, creatively using transferrable credit card points on airlines not available otherwise or flying on an airline with a much better product, the process does involve additional risk.

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How Old Is Too Old To Rent A Car?

In the United States, you oftentimes have to be at least 25 years old to rent a car. Some car rental companies will rent to people under 25, but chances are those 18-to-24-year-olds will have to pay a surcharge.

But what about those on the other side of the spectrum? Is there a set age that people are deemed to be “too old” to rent a car? And if so, what’s the cutoff?

Well, it depends.

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Here’s What Passengers Say They Want Most; Will Airlines Deliver?

Passengers come in all sorts of “flavors” that vary from the once-every-few years leisure traveler to the business people who fly several times per week for work. All have their own priorities of what makes their travels a satisfactory experience, but can those desires come to fruition? For that matter, short of a well-worded tweet, how can they even let the airlines know?

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Is This The Fix For Airlines To Transport Luggage Between The Plane & The Terminal Faster?

Most of us know the drill. You plane lands and takes however long to get to your gate. You go to baggage claim (maybe with a stop at customs, if you’re coming in from a different country) and then you wait. And wait. And…wait.

Or it’s 18 minutes past takeoff and the final cart of luggage has finally arrived to be loaded onto the plane.

It takes SO flippin’ long for your luggage to go from the terminal to the plane (or vice versa). I realize there are probably a bajillion reasons why there’s almost always a delay – weather, tarmac traffic, etc. But British Airways is taking the lead in trying to fix that problem with a new system that will hopefully get your stuff to where it’s supposed to be faster and more efficiently. It should also get your luggage to your plane faster too, to help with on-time takeoffs.

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