A Beginner’s Guide To Airline Alliances

The understanding what airline alliances are and which airlines are in each alliance is a key that unlocks the door to the next level of miles and points earning and usage. The basics of airline alliances isn’t all that difficult to understand and that knowledge will allow you to use your miles in ways you never thought were possible.


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Use Airbnb? Watch Out For Hidden Cameras

If you’ve ever used or considered using Airbnb, these are not the headlines you want to see:

Couple Uncovers Hidden Cameras In Nightmare Airbnb: Police (Huffington Post, 10/11/17)
People Keep Finding Hidden Cameras In Their Airbnbs (NY Post, 12/4/17)
Couple Visiting Toronto Says They Found A Hidden Camera In Their Airbnb Rental (CBC, 9/11/18)
Spy Cameras Are Popping Up In Airbnb Rentals (ABC Action News, 11/15/18)
Airbnb Refunds Guest Who Found Indoor Cameras During His Family’s Stay
(Washington Post, 1/17/19)

So what’s up with that???

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Resort Fees Banned, MyTSA App Is Now USEFUL, The Tax For Leaving A Country, & More

Happy Saturday friends, and hooray, it’s finally the weekend! Here’s a recap of what we wrote on YMMV this week. From great travel deals to what we’ve written to what others wrote that we really liked and wanted to share, it’s all here, in one convenient place!

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YMMV Travel Contests & Sweepstakes: February 16, 2019

Happy Saturday, travel friends! This weekly list will include travel-related contests and sweepstakes we’ve found. Eligibility will vary and it’s up to you to determine if you’re eligible, as well as to enter. Good luck!

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Did You Know Flamingos Can Fly? At Least, In Cuba They Do

Well I seen a horse fly 
I seen a dragon fly 
I seen a house fly 

But I’d never seen a flamingo fly. I never even realized that they could. I guess I just thought they were one of the flightless birds, like a penguin.

Now, it was quite the adventure getting to see the flamingo lagoon but it was a trip that I’ll never forget.

This was all part of our trip to Cuba in 2016. We had an itinerary all planned which met the guidelines at the time to support the Cuban people. We spent three nights in Havana and then headed to Trinidad, Playa Giron and finally to Viñales. Unfortunately, on the fourth day of our trip, most all of our group developed severe gastrointestinal distress which made it impossible for us to partake in the planned activities. After spending a day in our room recovering, we felt well enough to travel from Trinidad to Playa Giron.

Our guides, who were very understanding of our condition, tried to come up with alternate activities that were more suited to our fragile state. As a way to break up the drive, they suggested we stop at the flamingo lagoon.

Sharon’s ears perked up immediately. How come she wasn’t alerted of such a location in all of our planning? Of course, we were going!

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