I Can’t Believe It. The Entertainment Book Still Exists

This Friday, I’m gonna take it easy. I’ve had a great couple of days visiting New York City (more on that soon) so I’m going to look at a relic from my travel past,  the Entertainment Book, In the beginning of February I saw a post from Nick at Frequent Miler about a flash sale on the Entertainment Book. I did a double take. I didn’t realize that the Entertainment Book was even still around. I have a fondness for the book since it was the way we started staying at nice hotels without paying a lot of money. My family almost exclusively booked hotels for our summer vacations with discounts we found in the Entertainment Book.  Continue reading “I Can’t Believe It. The Entertainment Book Still Exists”


Stay Off WDW Property & Still Have Disney Theming? Yes, You Can!

When you visit Walt Disney World, you may decide to stay on site at one of the WDW resort hotels, which gives you perks that include, among other things, being immersed in “the Disney experience” for the entire time you stay on property. In fact, even your hotel room will have a select Disney theme. Of course, a vacation/holiday comes with a relatively hefty price for that on-site hotel stay, where the cheapest “value resort” price is about $127 for a 260 square foot room.

You may instead decide to stay at an off-site hotel, which will potentially save you quite a sum of money, but, of course, doesn’t give you that “immersive Disney experience.”

But what if you could find a place to stay that offered Disney theme inside but since it was off WDW property (but only 2 miles away!), was still an overall reasonable cost? There is such a place!

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Have You Checked Your AMEX Offers?

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit lax in looking at my AMEX offers. These offers are one of the best ways to offset the annual fees that many American Express cards charge so ignoring them is like walking away from free money. I checked today and found several offers that I should be able to take advantage of without much effort. I’m also kicking myself because I cost myself money by not checking sooner.  Continue reading “Have You Checked Your AMEX Offers?”

Some Bizarre Reasons For Planes That Have Made Emergency Landings

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you’re well aware of the safety sphiel the flight attendants give to help ensure everyone’s safety in the event of an unplanned landing. Sometimes when a plane has to land unexpectedly, though, it’s not for a safety-related emergency but for, shall we say, other reasons. Like these…

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Orlando Int’l Airport Reports Addition of New Airline With Daily Non-Stops

MCO (Orlando international Airport) has been under a LOT of construction in recent years. They’ve been updating the existing terminals, unveiling new monorails and restaurants, and are in the midst of building a $2.15 billion expansion in the form of a brand-new South Terminal. The addition of this new airline is just the icing on the MCO cake.

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Earn A $10 Travel Card With Every Best Western Stay

Best Western hotels are running a promotion that gives you a $10 Best Western travel card for every stay completed before April 29, 2018,  If you ever stay at Best Western hotels it pays to sign up even if you don’t have a stay planned. You never know if your plans will change last minute. You can sign up for the promotion here.

Screenshot 2018-02-18 15.27.39

The main problem I have with the promo is that the $10 gift card provided for an upcoming stay expires in about 120 days. They email the card to you so if you’re not going to use it yourself, it’s pretty much useless.

Here are the details from the Best Western website:

*An “eligible stay” for the purpose of this Promotion is defined as any stay of one or more consecutive nights at the same Best Western branded hotel, with the exception of a stay booked through an online travel agency, a stay booked through a tour operator, or a stay booked at a special discounted rate (see Best Western Rewards program rules for further information on eligibility criteria). Multiple check-in/check-out at the same property with less than 24 hours between check-out and check-in will count as one eligible stay. Eligible stays which take place during the Promotion Period must be completed on or before April 29, 2018 to be counted towards the Promotion. Eligible stays which take place during the Promotion Period, but which have a check-in date that overlaps the beginning of the Promotion Period, will be counted towards the Promotion.

Considering that stays at some Best Western hotels are in the sub $100 range, this promo will give a 10% rebate. I’m starting to look at Best Western hotels because while most hotel chains are trying to get away from cookie cutter design, each independently owned Best Western property has its own identity. I’m particularly interested in the Best Western Hibiscus in Key West after this write up by Loyalty Traveler. It looks to have the independent feel we like from in Key West instead of the typical chain hotel experience.

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Can You Trust TripAdvisor?

Running since February 2000, TripAdvisor is well known for comparing prices from 200+ booking sites to help you find the lowest price on the right hotel for you. However they also tout themselves as the world’s largest travel site, with over 500 million unbiased traveler reviews of hotels, flights, restaurants, vacation rentals, and things to do. But can you trust all those reviews? Read on…

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