Credit Card Benefits To The Rescue, WDW Chosen To Host Event, & More!

Happy Sunday, y’all and we hope you’re having a great weekend! Sharon and I have come across a lot of interesting travel-related articles this week – here are some of our favorites.


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The Hotels Near Walt Disney World (WDW) Where You Can Use Your Hyatt Credit Card Free Night

Several hotel credit cards give you a free night at one of their establishments every year when you pay the annual fee. The cool thing is this free night benefit is often is worth more than the cost of keeping the credit card, doesn’t require you to spend a certain amount of money on the card, and doesn’t require you to have any points in your account. It’s simply a totally a free night, including tax.

It makes sense to try to get the most value out of the free night and I’ve read articles listing the places around the world where you can get the most expensive room. I decided instead of that approach, I’d look at a place many people travel to each year. Walt Disney World (WDW). If you can stretch your vacation one more day by using a free night, that could be very valuable to you and your family.

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We Flew Delta Basic Economy & Here’s What We Learned. Will We Do It Again?

Flying on a basic economy ticket is still a new thing to most passengers. Delta was the first airline to issue a “basic” ticket starting in 2013 but their current version took effect in February 2015. Delta started slow, only selling the tickets in a select number of markets where they were directly competing with Spirit or Frontier. It wasn’t until November of 2016 that United jumped into the basic economy pool, head first, with their own tickets that had way more restrictions than Delta’s. Not to be left behind, American announced their own basic economy tickets in January of 2017. With all three major carriers offering these restrictive tickets, they began to spread to flights that had no competition with the Ultra Low Cost Carriers. Basic Economy tickets are no longer a niche product but may eventually be sold on every flight.

Since all three airlines’ basic economy tickets come with different restrictions, I did my homework and looked into each of them before booking one. I didn’t want to be like the person next to me on a United flight who was booked on a basic economy ticket by her daughter and was unaware of the restrictions (no seat assignments, no carry on bag). After much deliberation, I decided that we could live with the restrictions that Delta had on their basic economy fare. Now that we’re home, here’s what I learned from our experience.

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Our Dinner at WDW’s Victoria & Albert’s, Hotel Promotions, Airline Flash Sales & More!

And BOOM, it’s the weekend! Woo hoo and HAPPY SATURDAY! Here’s a recap of what we wrote on YMMV this week. From great travel deals to what we’ve written to what others wrote that we really liked and wanted to share, it’s all here, in one convenient place!

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So, About Those Millions of Hotel Key Cards That Were (Are?) Vulnerable To Hacking…

You may have never heard of them, but a company named Assa Abloy is a global provider of electronic key and hotel locking systems, to the tune of 400,000 buildings in roughly 166 countries. And in early 2017, two employees of F-Secure, an international cybersecurity firm, unfortunately discovered that due to a design flaw in the company’s older software, called Vision, the electronic locks of all those millions of hotel rooms worldwide were vulnerable to hackers.

Of course, people have been hacking electronic keys for years, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. But this case was different.

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I Played Mini Golf Here 30 Years Ago AND JUST PLAYED IT AGAIN!!! (It’s That Good!)

I’ve reached the age where I can revisit places that I remember from my childhood. Those places where you have a memory about something you saw, somewhere you ate, someone you met that just sticks in your brain for the rest of your life. I know we visited Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN when I was about 14. I remember going to Dollywood (since I hit myself on the head when I stood up into a sign and almost knocked myself out) and I know we stayed at some nice hotel in Gatlinburg with a discount from the Entertainment Book. The only other part of the trip that I remembered was this mini-golf course. It was not a normal course but instead was built into the side of a hill. You got to ride up the incline and every hole went downhill.

It wasn’t until I sent a bunch of old pictures to be digitized that I found the photographic evidence of the place, from our trip in 1987.

You can imagine my surprise when we were driving on US-441 (the main road in Gatlinburg) last year and passed the same mini golf course. I think my reaction was, “That’s IT! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! IT’S STILL THERE!” It was as if something from a dream suddenly became real. Unfortunately, we were driving past the place around 10PM and didn’t have the time or energy to stop. That was something we were sure to rectify when we made plans to return to the Knoxville area this year. While Sharon’s not a big mini golf fan, she is a fan of kitschy roadside attractions and I think this place also piqued her interest.

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YMMV Travel Deals: Fri., May 18, 2018

When we see travel deals, we always want to spread the word. So as we see them, we make sure to let you know. They run the gamut from hotels to flights to points to miles to car rentals and even stuff you need while you’ll traveling, like equipment, Uber discounts, theme park tickets, food for when you’re on the road, etc.

Heads up that some of these deals might be really limited in time or amount, or some could go on for days or longer. Some deals might be good for some people and not so much for others. There may be better deals out there and we just don’t know about them. We take no responsibility for any transaction you may or may not do; we’re just telling you what’s we’ve seen that’s out there at that very moment and it’s up to you to decide if it’s something useful, beneficial and worth it for you, and if you can take advantage of it before it’s too late.

Here’s what’s out there today:

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