I’ve Heard Of Dressing Appropriately For Travel But This Is Just…WOW!

When Joe and I travel somewhere, we always put some extra thought into what we wear. Weather/temperature come into play, of course. But so do being able to wear things more than once, what accessories can make an outfit more “dressed up,” etc.

I just found out about a guy who has taken, “what to wear while traveling” into its very own category.

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Why Are Some Airlines Giving Preferential Treatment To Passengers With Babies?

I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I did the research and don’t think I am. It really sounds as if select airlines (read: some, but not all) are giving preferential treatment to passengers who are having or just had babies, or who are welcoming children into their families.

I was reading about travel on a message group the other day and someone who has status on Air Canada (their program is called “Altitude”) mentioned they were taking advantage of this offer from the airline:

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Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Orlando – Disney Springs Area

Back in 1973, shortly after the opening of Disney World in Orlando, four high rise hotels opened on Disney property. These weren’t highly themed Disney hotels like the Polynesian or Contemporary. Instead, these were regular hotels run by well-known chains at the time such as TraveLodge and Howard Johnson’s.

The Howard Johnson’s was eventually bought by Marriott and run as a Courtyard property until 2003. In a case of the worst/best timing of buying a hotel, it was sold and turned into a Holiday Inn in December of that year, only to be massively damaged by Hurricane Charley in August of 2004. It didn’t reopen until 2010 after a $35 million dollar renovation. It just went through another renovation in 2018.

The Holiday Inn is now one of the Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels. While they are not run by Disney, they are still on Disney property. The benefits afforded to these hotels is the reason we booked a night here on the opening weekend of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Hollywood Studios.

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What Cards Am I Looking At Before The End Of 2019?

We’re more than halfway through September and it’s less than 100 days until Christmas. Christmas music is already playing on Sirius XM if you listen on the app (Note from Sharon: YAY!), and you should because now it’s included with even the cheap select subscriptions.

Besides getting ready to pull holiday decorations out of the attic, it means I have to give a good, hard look at my plans for our credit cards for the rest of the year.

Right now, I’ve finished with all of our spending requirements for new cards and I’ve almost reached the one spending threshold I set to achieve. That only means it’s time to look for new cards.

What’s out there that looks interesting to me? As a preface to my choices, I’m currently at 4/24 and Sharon’s at 5/24. I’m not looking at Chase right now for me because I already have 5 personal cards and 1 business card with them and I’m happy with that portfolio.

So what’s looking interesting for me right now?

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The 5-Star Hotel That Doesn’t Exist

Imagine if you saw an ad for a 235-room hotel that boasted luxury suites, an Olympic-sized pool, a casino, and restaurants that offered fine dining experiences. It might sound pretty good, huh? What if it offered, “high-profile anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs, from weddings for 280 to an intimate family dinner for 12?”

If you were planning on visiting the city where it was located, Manchester, England, it might be an option, right? After all, it said it was, “one of the newest 5 star hotels in the city,’ in operation since 2014 and had hosted thousands of guests, including celebrities and politicians. And hey, it had lovely luxury rooms that look like this:

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 12.05.08 AM
Credit: Grand Pearl Hotel

There’s only one problem – the hotel doesn’t exist.

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