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Pay $100K+ To Travel Around The World In An Angle-Flat Seat

by joeheg

I know some people refuse to fly across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans unless they’re in a truly lie-flat seat. That’s the starting place and then you can see about finding a plane with a private suite, top-class champagne, caviar and even an in-flight shower. Of course, we’re booking the flight with frequent flyer miles and as few external fees as possible.

Others don’t know or care about frequent flyer miles and use their American Express Centurion (Black Card) for everything, earning 1 Membership Reward point per dollar spent. They don’t want to spend time planning a vacation; they just want to go on vacation. For them, luxury private jet tours offer a one-stop-shop for an amazing vacation.

These tours have been going on for over a decade but the biggest splash was in 2015 when Four Seasons launched their Private Jet Experiences on a specially designed Boeing 757-200 featuring only 52 lie-flat seats. The program has been very popular and Four Seasons has upgraded to an Airbus A321LR with only 48 seats in a 2-2 configuration.

Once other companies saw a market for private jet vacations, they started offering their own versions. National Geographic offers Around the World trips on a 757-200. And now, Disney, through its Adventures By Disney division, has just announced that they will offer a Disney Parks around the world private jet tour in 2023.

Disney says the trip will be on a 757-200 with 75 seats run by Icelandair. This is the same setup as the National Geographic tour, so I’m guessing they might be using the same plane.

Here’s the description from the National Geographic website:

• 75 passenger seats in a customized 2×2 configuration, instead of the standard 233 seats.
• Comfortable VIP-style leather seating with adjustable leg and headrests and a 45-degree recline.
• Roomy cabin with plenty of legroom and convenient storage for personal items.
• Plush, sleek interior design.
• A seasoned and specially-trained flight crew — including three pilots, an expedition chef, a catering officer, multiple flight attendants, an engineer, and a dedicated luggage handler.
• A dedicated expedition physician who accompanies the group on the jet and on land.
• In-seat power outlets and storage space for laptops, digital cameras, and other personal devices.

The starting price for the Disney trip is $109,955 and you’ll get a seat with a 45-degree recline. Wow.

With the Four Seasons and National Geographic tours, they can make an itinerary that limits the amount of travel between stops. However, the Disney tour is restricted to where there are Disney theme parks. That means there’s a travel day from San Francisco to Tokyo. The plane must travel via Anchorage due to distance restrictions which will make for a long night crossing the Pacific in a recliner.

To be fair, we don’t know precisely what the hard product will be on the plane used by Disney for the trip in 2023. The plane previously used by Icelandair for the VIP tours (TF-FIS) has been transferred to Amerijet to use for cargo. It’s unknown if they’ll get it back for future National Geographic or Disney trips or if they’re planning on converting a different 737.

Whatever the plane, I’m sure the 75 people on board will be so thrilled to be visiting every Disney park on one trip that you could fly them on a Spirit jet and they wouldn’t mind. On the other hand, they probably would mind for $100K each.

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Lara S. June 15, 2022 - 4:55 pm

There would have to be SIGNIFICANT special features and Disney extras only available on on this trip to make it worth $100k+ with angled flat seats- otherwise I’d just book first class flights to Japan, Europe, California, Florida, Shanghai and HK and get the nicest hotel rooms on park grounds.


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