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The Most Misinformed Airbnb Listing Ever

by SharonKurheg

There have been a lot of unusual Airbnb listings out there but they’re usually for unusual places. Maybe you want to sleep in a bubble…or a castle…or where they filmed a certain TV show or movie. And I can definitely “get” that.

But we just came across a listing that’s not really different or unusual as much as the cabin owner is so grossly uninformed that, well, I just had to share.

The listing came across via Twitter:

“Was just sent an Airbnb listing for a cabin in western Montana that, uh, only allows NON-vaccinated visitors. The next few months will continue to be fun, I’m sure…”

They only rent to people who have NOT gotten their COVID vaccination? YOWSA!

So, like I HAD to find the listing. It wasn’t difficult.

At first, the place looks great. Cute ‘lil cabin in De Borgia, Montana (population 69). The owner is a Superhost. Sleeps 4, great Verizon service, and a good chance of seeing elk and eagles outside.

But then you get to the description:

About this space


For the health and safety not only other guests but also ourselves, all covid vaccinated guests are asked to find another vacation rental that allows vaccinated guests.

It has now been scientifically proven and is clearly stated on the vaccine manufacturers web sites, that the MRNA protein in the ingredients SHED through the vaccinated persons skin, breath etc, and will be passed along to non-vaccinated people.

OK – let’s do a little science class for a second.
We’ve all seen pictures of the COVID virus – it looks like a ball with fuzzy push pins coming out of it.
Those fuzzy push pins are spike proteins. What spike proteins are is a whole science class unit itself and we won’t get into it; it doesn’t matter for this post (but you can read more about it here, if you’re interested and are OK with medical and scientific jargon). What is important to know is that spike proteins, by themselves, are 100% harmless.
Anyway, when you get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, it gives your body instructions on making the same spike proteins on a COVID virus. But it doesn’t make the virus itself – just the spike proteins, which again, by themselves, are harmless.
So your body has been taught how to make the spike proteins and is therefore familiar with it – that’s a good thing! That way, if your body is exposed to COVID, your immune system kicks into gear and says, “Hey, I know this thing – I know the spike proteins in it! I’m gonna kick its butt and get rid of it!” And that’s how you don’t catch COVID (or at least don’t get super sick from it).
But thanks to some conspiracy theorists, lots of people think that you somehow “shed” the spike protein, and that can cause harm to others (some mumbo jumbo about reproductive issues?).
Here are some further explanations from various publications:

Meanwhile, Charlie Warzel, who originally posted about this Airbnb with the highly unusual renter requirements, wrote back to the owner.

So you can’t rent the cabin if you’ve gotten a COVID shot and they’re going to go by the honor system. This is good since those who believe in science and medicine count on those who haven’t been vaccinated to wear a mask indoors as the CDC recommends.

But yeah – that “must be unvaccinated” really takes the cake right now.

Welp, it’s a cute ‘lil place but fortunately, I’m not eligible to rent it.

MEANWHILE, as I was writing this post, Airbnb apparently pulled the listing. This is what you get now when you go to their page:

And if you do a search for everything that’s available in DeBorgina, MT, it’s not listed anymore.


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