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Is Las Vegas The Right Place For This New Resort Hotel?

by SharonKurheg

One of my favorite – no, make that my #1 favorite travel blogger observed in the midst of the pandemic last summer that every decade or two, Las Vegas decides to reinvent itself. He pondered what the city would look like, post-COVID.

Well, we do know that in recent months, some things that had been relatively rare to the most recent versions of “new” Las Vegas happened or are happening:

These four alone would suggest a change in Las Vegas – perhaps to a more healthy Las Vegas (save for the last one, which just suggests…well, I’m still not so sure about that last one) or adult-oriented Las Vegas.

And now another hotel has been announced in Las Vegas. They say they’re planning on having a robust fitness, health, and wellness spa, which would fit in with that “health” theme.

But it’s not so much what this resort hotel, just 2 blocks off the strip and right across the way from the Las Vegas Convention Center, will have, but what it won’t have.

It won’t allow smoking, but we now know that’s a “thing” in some hotels in Vegas. But do you know what else it won’t have?


And I just can’t get past that one.

Now, I get it to an extent. “Health and wellness” are what’s trendy in hospitality and have been for a couple of years already. I understand that. But just because you CAN build a “health and wellness” hotel in the middle of Sin City, does that mean it’s the smartest thing to do? I mean, what hotel in Las Vegas, in this day and age, expects to do well without gambling?

The hotel is going to be called Majestic Las Vegas. From their website:

Majestic Las Vegas. The visionary world-class, non-gaming, non-smoking luxury resort that Las Vegas has been waiting for. Featuring a five-star hotel, Piazza with five free-standing world class restaurants, medical spa with state-of-the-art fitness & wellness center and corporate sky suites that can be home to tech, entertainment, sports, and fashion companies. Majestic Las Vegas is ideally located on over six acres directly across from the all new Las Vegas Convention Center and the Tesla Tunnel- just two blocks from the famed Las Vegas strip. The $850 million, 620’ tall contemporary architectural masterpiece is scheduled to commence construction in 2021 and will be completed in early 2024, with Sky Suites Sales to begin January 2021.

Being an ultra-luxury resort that’s non-smoking AND non-gaming will be a first of its kind (geesh, you can say that again!). The fitness, wellness and medical spa will be complemented with a collection of six restaurants in the area of the property that would typically be a Vegas hotel’s gaming area.

The hotel will also offer, “physical, fitness, and nutrition counseling,” along with spa treatments, yoga and spinning classes. Custom fitness routes and a personal nutritionist will also be on hand for those interested in such services.

For those who want to work besides consider their health, the hotel will have 35 corporate “sky suites” ranging in size from 4,700 to 25,000 square feet.

I think it sounds fabulous for those who are interested in health, but again, why have a non-gambling hotel in Las Vegas?

I mean, hotels and resorts that focus on “health & wellness” are already all over the place. Santa Monica, Hawaii, NYC, Austin, Hilton Head, Miami, etc. all have several resorts that have that theme. People go to Las Vegas because it’s Las Vegas – they go to gamble. Or if they’re like me and don’t like to gamble, they can catch a show, admire the themed hotels, see all the sparkly lights, and enjoy some good food and beverages.

But if they’re traveling somewhere specifically for health and wellness, well, Las Vegas would not be my first choice.

But who knows – maybe they’ll start a trend and that’s what Las Vegas will turn into next. The place to visit if you want to focus on your health.

Hmmm…maybe this will be Atlantic City’s big break!

Click here to learn all about Majestic Las Vegas.

Feature Photo: Majestic Las Vegas

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Christian March 1, 2021 - 1:41 pm

When I saw your headline, I thought they were creating a nudist resort in the middle of Vegas. Still, a health resort isn’t too far behind on unlikely concepts. Maybe all the good ideas were taken.


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