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The Onion’s Usually Funny, But Wow, I Just Spit Out My Drink From Laughing

by SharonKurheg

If you’ve read our blog for a while, you know that some of the topics Joe and I write are sometimes a little on the quirky side. “Slightly off-center,” if you will. So whereas we might write about very “travel blogger” topics such as why Joe cancelled his American Express Platinum card, or that time when American Airlines was offering status to people for nothing, we could just as easily write about the complaining business class passenger who got what was coming to him, the latest info about the World Naked Bike Ride, or why TSA Pre-Check lines are getting longer. So when The Onion wrote a post about an iconic Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction and it made me do a spit take, I just knew I had to share.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, some background info…

…about The Onion

The Onion, for the uninitiated, “…is an American satirical digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes articles on international, national, and local news. The company is based in Chicago but originated as a weekly print publication on August 29, 1988, in Madison, Wisconsin.” (thank-you, Wikipedia).

The Onion writes about anything, really. Technology. Social media entities. Politics. Sports. You name it. They’ve done plenty (PLENTY!) about travel over the years – especially Disney parks. Here are some of them.

…about Disney

Meanwhile, The Walt Disney Company recently announced that they’re going to make some changes to The Jungle Cruise attraction at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, to make them more in line with what’s accepted as more appropriate worldviews of the 21st century.

Disney said the changes are being made to make The Jungle Cruise feel more inclusive and less racially insensitive in its depiction of other cultures (i.e., depicting “natives” as wild, primitive and threatening just isn’t OK anymore. Neither is having every audio-animatronic character as a white male, so they’re adding in female characters, as well as people of color).

This isn’t the first time The Jungle Cruise has seen changes that reflect more modern times – women have been allowed to be Jungle Cruise skippers since 1995, and as of the year 2001, skippers no longer “shot” any (audio-animatronic) animals during the ride.

But back to The Onion, who got wind of the changes Disney was making (because of course they did), and came up with an article with the following title:

Disney Installs Animatronic Christian Missionaries To Convert Natives On Jungle Cruise Ride

You can click here to read the post. It’s really as “oniony” (onionesque?) as The Onion gets and, under the circumstances of the changes they’re making, as funny as heck.

That’s really all I’ve got – just that it was funny enough to make me literally cackle out loud, and you might want to give it a look-see. I mean, it’s satire…so it is what it is, and it made me laugh. I hope it gives you some enjoyment, too 🙂

Feature Photo: Pixy.org

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Amazing stuff.


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