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26 Of The Funniest Pics Of People Posing With Statues

by SharonKurheg

When you’re traveling, you sometimes come across statues in cities and towns. Some, of course, are the type that are considered offensive in 2020, but there are others that have been erected specifically for enjoyment, whimsy or to reenact a famous scene.

There are some who take ordinary photos of statues, or perhaps just include pictures of loved ones in them. But then there are people who take their pictures to the next level. Like these:

“I have something to tell you”


“Shh! Just between you and me. No one will know”


“Shall we dance?” “1, 2, 3 and…”

Unknown (but too cute to not include it)

“You missed a spot.”

SirJukesALot / Reddit

“Ben what are you doing?”

The Chive / Reddit

“Wheeeeee! Ow!”


“Hungry baby!”

Unknown (but too cute to not use)

“Scram, kid. He’s mine!”

sarwhere / Reddit


Unknown (but too good to not include it)

“Can I play?”

devabdulsalam / Reddit


ateart / imgur

“Don’t let go!”

mickeymoo / Reddit

“The running of the bulls”

Rachael Paulsen / Reddit

“We told him to stay away from the bears”

rephan / Reddit


toribonaparte / Reddit


Legoyman / Reddit


MJ Roces / Reddit

“Even Spiderman can get into trouble sometimes”

“Look at that look in her eyes”

bluesapphire / Reddit

“Brave snowman”

mikeroach94 / Reddit

“Come sit and have a drink”

Brosnaks / Reddit

“Let me go! Let me go!”

“I’m squishing your head”

nolongercreeper / Reddit

“He’s got my leg!”

amputeehee / Reddit

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Unknown (but too funny to not include it)

(Note from Joe: I can’t believe she didn’t include this one. I had to throw in my personal favorite)


Feature photo: ezkimojoe / Reddit

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