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These Are Some of The Best Luggage Tags Ever!

by SharonKurheg

Luggage tags. You wouldn’t think that something so little would mean so much. But besides sometimes being the only thing that can help you quickly identify your luggage as YOURS (well, unless you get one of these), nowadays you have a nearly endless supply of luggage tags that can really match YOU. Even though I own more luggage tags than I’ll ever own pieces of luggage, I always look at them online and in stores because you never know when you’re going to find the ones that matches you perfectly…

Some people, of course, go for the tags that describe their personas and what’s important to them – their likes, job, preferences, etc. Dog breeds. Cat breeds. Other types of pets. Company names. Girly ones. Manly ones. Branches of the Armed Services. Big ol’ smiley faces. Fluorescent ones that you can see from a mile away. Leather tags. Metal tags. Sometimes those little paper tags with the elastic band that you pick up at the airline’s check-in counter because you took the tag off your bag to loan it (the bag, not the tag) to your friend and when you got to the airport you realize you forgot to put the tag back on. Or maybe ones that show your brand new status.

Me, I tend to go for the funny ones. These are some of the favorites that I either currently own or wish I did:

The “It’s mine, not yours” types…


The wiseguy ones…


The ones that you’re not sure “why is this on a luggage tag?” but it certainly personalizes it to the nth degree…

And, more recently, the company that makes the bright yellow luggage straps with sayings that pretty much guarantee someone else won’t take your bag…


And then there are the miscellaneous cute ones that just make me smile:


This one is my current favorite. At 4’6″, truer words were never written on a luggage tag:

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 4.58.06 PM
What are some of the best luggage tags you’ve ever seen?

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