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This Is How Much I Miss Traveling Right Now

by joeheg

I’m a born and bred New Jersey boy. I grew up under the flight path of Newark Airport. I was raised loving the Yankees. When we went on a trip, it was to “The City.” and that’s what I call Manhattan to this day. We spent the summers at the shore. That is until we started to go to Florida and Disney World like any other respectable family from Jersey.

I have strong opinions about pork roll, diners and, most importantly, what constitutes a pizza.

It needs to have a crispy crust with a slice that is still foldable without breaking. Tomato sauce and a mix of cheese on the top is all you need. I like a slice with sausage and peppers or pepperoni, but any slice from NJ or NY is better than anything I’ll find anywhere else. I’m not going to get into it with people who put ham and pineapple on top or whatever that thing they serve in Chicago is called.

After Sharon and I moved from the NY/NJ area, we missed pizza. We joked that we were away from “home” for too long when we heard ourselves claim that pizza from Sbarro at the airport wasn’t all that bad. {gasp}

Any true New Yorker would never say that and we’d soon after that book a trip back to New York. After having real NY pizza, we were ruined for years until we forgot again how good the real thing was.

I’m feeling the same way about travel right now. Since I can’t experience it the way it was, any facsimile of the experience is good enough. A day at the beach is the best trip ever. Spending a long weekend at a cabin in the mountains becomes the experience of a lifetime. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy either of those trips. It’s just they’re not a trip to New York to see shows or our yearly jaunts to Texas and Schlitterbahn.

The plans for our end of the year trip to Japan are almost gone and we’re thinking of replacing it with another road trip throughout the southeastern U.S. The places we’re thinking about visiting are ones we want to see but they’re not Osaka, Hakone or Tokyo Disneyland.

Many of our 2020 trips are now temporarily planned for 2021. We’re thinking that things will be at a stage where going on a cruise or taking international flights will be back in the cards. Then there’s our anniversary trip to Hawaii, which is coming up in 2022. I’d normally start planning for that in six to eight months but can I even think about that trip right now?

For now, I’ll keep eating the Sbarro pizza and telling myself it’s not THAT bad but I can’t wait until we’re able to travel around the world in some way like we used to.

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Brian Cohen September 5, 2020 - 10:06 am

Too bad you did not let me know you would be in Georgia on your recent getaway, Joe and Sharon. I know a place which does not purport to be New York pizza and yet is as close to it as I have ever had to the point where I do not need to return to New York to enjoy pizza…

…and Sharon and I are from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn, so I like to think I know what I am talking about when it comes to pizza…


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