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Delta’s May 2020 Flight Schedule Has Changes – Some Good, Some Bad

by SharonKurheg

With coronavirus still making daily headlines, the last thing most of us are planning to do is fly in the next few weeks. But some people still have to, because of reasons.

Delta’s schedule for the month of May just came out and although it is similar to when we reported their schedule in April, there are some changes that we’ve noted.

U.S. Domestic

Delta continues to provide flights to all of their U.S. hubs and busier markets, but frequency is greatly reduced. This is similar to what they did in April.


Flights to/from Canada have decreased, and 2 routes (Atlanta to Toronto and Minneapolis to Saskatoon) have been discontinued for now.

  • Detroit to Montreal (daily)
  • Detroit to Ottawa (less than daily) (Previously daily)
  • Detroit to Toronto (daily) (Previous 2 daily flights)
  • Minneapolis to Calgary (less than daily) (Previously 5 times per week)
  • Minneapolis to Edmonton (less than daily) (Previously 4 times per week)
  • New York-JFK to Toronto (daily)
  • Seattle to Vancouver (daily) (previously 2 daily flights)

Latin America & Caribbean

There had not been many flights to Latin America and the Caribbean in April, due to government travel restrictions. With those lifted, more flights are being offered to those areas.

** = service will start in the second half of May


  • Atlanta to Nassau (less than daily**) (New)
  • Atlanta to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (Saturday only**) (New)
  • Atlanta to St. Croix (Saturday only) (New)
  • Atlanta to St. Thomas (less than daily) (New)
  • Atlanta to San Juan, Puerto Rico (less than daily) (Previously daily)
  • New York-JFK to Santiago, Dominican Republic (less than daily**) (New)
  • New York-JFK to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (less than daily) (Prev. daily)

Central America

  • Atlanta to Guatemala City, Guatemala (less than daily) (New)
  • Atlanta to Liberia, Costa Rica (less than daily**) (New)
  • Atlanta to San José, Costa Rica (less than daily**) (New)
  • Atlanta to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (less than daily) (New)
  • Atlanta to San Salvador, El Salvador (less than daily) (New)


  • Atlanta to Mexico City (daily)
  • Atlanta to Cancun (less than daily**) (New)
  • Salt Lake City to Mexico City (less than daily**)

South America

  • Atlanta to Buenos Aires, Argentina (less than daily**) (New)
  • Atlanta to Lima, Peru (less than daily**) (New)
  • Atlanta to Quito, Ecuador (less than daily**) (New)
  • Atlanta to Santiago, Chile (less than daily**) (New)
  • Atlanta to São Paulo, Brazil (less than daily**) (New)


Flights to Europe are a mixed bag. One route was decreased, one route was added, and one was unchanged.

  • Atlanta to Amsterdam (daily)
  • Atlanta to Paris-Charles De Gaulle (less than daily) (New)
  • Atlanta to Amsterdam (daily) (Previously less than daily)


Delta’s trans-Pacific flights seemed to change in name more than anything else. “Up to 3 times per week” and “up to 5 times per week” are now both listed as “less than daily). Uniformity, I guess? There’s also one new flight.

  • Detroit to Seoul-Incheon (less than daily) (Previously up to 5 times per week)
  • Detroit to Tokyo-Haneda (less than daily) (New)
  • Seattle to Seoul-Incheon (less than daily) (Previously up to 5 times per week)
  • Seattle to Tokyo-Haneda (less than daily) (Previously up to 3 times per week)

As always, this schedule is subject to change. Go to this page to see any future updates/changes.

As we said in April, the various changes are, of course, understandable. The CDC’s mandates have to be followed. You can’t have flights to places that aren’t accepting flights, and when they do start accepting them, you want to start “low and slow” (I’m looking at you, South & Central America schedules) until you have a better idea of what the market is like at the moment. And it doesn’t make financial sense to have multiple flights to/from places when there are so few people flying, so lowering the amount of flights from, say daily to less than that is, again, smart.

If you do happen to ly Delta in May, remember that their boarding process has changed, in order to encourage social distancing.

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