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Looking Back And Looking Ahead

by joeheg

Thinking about what’s going on right now sucks. Sure, it’s possible to find a moment of solitude in the middle of the storm but seemingly every part of our daily routine has been disrupted.

While it sounds silly, things like thinking about travel, reading blogs (or writing them) and checking your point balances were a part of your daily or weekly activities. The people who manufacture spending are wondering what to do with all of the free time now that most of the malls are closing.

Thinking about all the trips that you had to cancel, or plans that fell through is depressing. Since you can only listen to the news so much before your head starts spinning, here are some things you can do that will remind you why you love to travel.

Looking Back

Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed, I open up one of the photo albums on my computer. I flip through the pictures until I get to one that makes me smile. Here’s the one I found today.


Just a random shot I took on Maui during our honeymoon. It’s peaceful. Looking at it brings back good memories even if I can’t remember exactly where we were when I took it.

Going back through my pictures reminds me of how fortunate we were to visit all the places we’ve been to.

Looking Ahead

I know that things around the world aren’t going to turn back on as quickly as they stopped. It’s going to be a slow restart once we get through the worst of this event, and we’re not close to the worst of it.

But we’ll get through this. The economy will stabilize. Places will reopen and people will want to travel again. What’s keeping everyone from making plans is that no one knows when that will be and what financial position they be in when it does.

Ignoring that, it’s still fun to dream about places you want to see. Use this break to investigate new destinations.

While we love revisiting places, I’m now thinking about all the places we’ve never been to.  Time to blow the dust off that bucket list and maybe make a few new entries. Things can change in an instant. Do the things you want to do. Dream big. Make it happen.

I can’t even list the number of places we’ve talked about going but never followed through. I gotta write them all down because if you keep waiting, you may never get the chance again.

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