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A Fun & Free Way To Relive The Magic Of Your Disney Park Visits

by SharonKurheg

When you go to a Disney park – any Disney park around the world – it’s designed and intended to immerse you by playing to all 5 senses. You can see the buildings, smell and taste a snack, touch (and purchase!) merchandise, and hear background music that matches whatever themed land, attraction, restaurant or even hotel you’re in.

Disney parks’ background music (BGM) is one of the ways to “bring you back” to your Disney vacation again and again. And best of all, it’s FREE! Back in the 80s and 90s, I used to bring a tape recorder with me, locate a speaker and audiotape the loop for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of my audiotape. It wasn’t great; it always sounded hollow, and had its own background sounds of the people passing by. But it was something ;-).

Fortunately, technology has improved substantially, so not only are mere mortals like us about to get clean, crisp digital copies of Disneyland and Walt Disney World BGM, thanks to the likes of YouTube, they’re right at our fingertips. Here’s a sampling of what’s out there:

Note: Some of these are old, some are new. None of them are my links 😉



Adventureland (40 min)
Big Thunder Ranch (1 hour)
Club 33 (44 min)
The Disney Gallery (23 min)
Esplanade (1 hour, 21 min)
Fantasyland (44 min)
Frontierland (1 hour)
Innoventions (1 hour, 12 min)
Main Street USA – Holiday (1 hour, 1 min)
Mickey’s Toontown (59 min)
New Orleans Square (56 min)
Original 1955 Main Gate (59 min)
Splash Mountain (1 hour)
Storybook Circus (57 min)

Disney’s California Adventure

A Bug’s Land (7 min)
Entrance (40 min)
Carthay Circle Restaurant & Lounge (1 hour, 10 min)
Condor Flats (45 min)
Food & Wine Festival (1 hour, 2 min)
Grizzly Peak Airfield (1 hour, 15 min)
Pacific Wharf (56 min)
Paradise Park (42 min)
Sunshine Plaza Entrance (36 min)

Resort Hotels

Disneyland Hotel Adventure Tower (29 min)
Grand Californian (40 min)


Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar (2 hours, 6 min)

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Crystal Palace (59 min)
Entrance (1 hour, 2 min)
Hall of Presidents (47 min)
Jungle Cruise (48 min)
Skipper Canteen (55 min)
Tomorrowland (40 min)


American Adventure Pavilion (58 min)
Canada Pavilion (52 min)
China Pavilion (30 min)
Entrance (46 min)
Entrance – Holiday (51 min)
Extended Epcot Park Music (5 hours, 14 min)
France Pavilion (47 min)
Germany Pavilion (29 min)
Italy Pavilion (30 min)
Japan Pavilion (1 hour, 3 min)
The Land Pavilion (1 hour, 21 min)
Mexico Pavilion (26 min)
Morocco Pavilion (35 min)
Norway Pavilion (56 min)
The Seas With Nemo & Friends (58 min)
United Kingdom Pavilion (29 min)

Hollywood Studios

Entrance (54 min)
The Great Movie Ride (53 min)
Pixar Place (1 hour)
Sunset Blvd – Holiday (33 min)

Animal Kingdom

Bengal BBQ (39 min)
Entrance (52 min)
Expedition Everest (1 hour, 13 min)
Nomad Lounge (1 hour, 40 min)
Tree of Life (40 min)

Resort Hotels

Animal Kingdom Resort – Kidani Village (1 hour, 32 min)
Boardwalk (2 hours, 4 min)
Grand Floridian (44 min)
Grand Floridian – Holiday (52 min)
Polynesian (3 hours, 4 min)
Port Orleans Riverside (1 hour, 48 min)
Wilderness Lodge (55 min)


Disney Springs (1 hour, 44 min)
Disney’s Magical Express (1 hour, 5 min)

That’s just a sampling of what’s out there – there are dozens more! You can search on YouTube for BGM from Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and the Disneyland parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai, too. It’s just a nice way to remember some of the magic.

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