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Airport Chick-fil-A: That’s Not How This Works! That’s Not How Any Of This Works!

by SharonKurheg

As we’ve mentioned several times in the past, Joe and I are staunch supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. From donating to LGBTQ+ causes to working at and walking in Pride parades to supporting our friends at Gay Days at WDW, we’ve been there for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender friends. Another case in point, Joe and I have not eaten at Chick-fil-A (CFA) in a dozen or more years because of their continuous corporate donations to organizations that are historically anti-LGBTQ+.

That being said, I frequently keep up to date on what the company is doing, in case they change on their social stance. Frankly, I used to ADORE their chicken nuggets and would love to go back to CFA if they had a social change of heart and took the money I spent on their food and gave it to organizations that helped my friends in the LGBTQ+ community, instead of ones that hurt them. So I’ve been watching the whole “CFA at airports” stories that are going on and particularly liked Matthew’s take on it, on Live and Let’s Fly. All I have to say is, if you’re gonna do it, San Antonio, at least do it right. Sheesh.

But then I saw Gary’s post on View From The Wing about what San Jose Airport’s (SJC) plan is, and I really question if that’s the best idea, either? Here’s why…

As per Gary:

They approved a Chick-fil-A last year, but will hang a rainbow flag near the Chick-fil-A. In other words, they’re going to use government-sponsored speech to combat the ideas the city council believes are embedded in the chicken chain.

The San Jose City Council voted 11-0 on Tuesday to hang rainbow flags in support of LGBTQ people and pink, blue and white flags for transgender rights at or near a Chick-fil-A due to open in May at San Jose International Airport.

…San Jose Vice Mayor Charles Jones said the plan is to have a flag or flags near the restaurant and outside of the airport.

The San Jose flag project goal is explicitly to be “a counter-signal to the discrimination supported by Chick-fil-A” and to flip the supposed embedded meaning of Chik-fil-A by making it the “gayest Chick-fil-A in the country.”

OK, I get what they’re trying to say. But how is having “the gayest Chick-fil-A” via LGBTQesque flags outside the business going to make a difference?

Chick-fil-A restaurants are franchises, and fortunately, you don’t have to be anti-LGBTQ+ to be a franchchisee 😉 As it is, a CFA franchisee right here in Orlando is a gay couple, and there’s nothing saying the franchisee at SJC isn’t also gay or at least an ally.  Whatever the case, flags won’t stop people from buying food at the SJC CFA, the franchisee sending 15% of their sales and 50% of their profits to CFA Corporate to maintain the right to be a CFA, and then CFA Corporate turning around and donating that money to organizations that hurt the LGBTQ+ community.

However, having rainbow and pink, blue and white flags around the restaurant and outside the airport will show the world that THE AIRPORT is an ally. Which I suppose is nice, but it won’t fix the problem that is the Corporate CFA, which is headquartered in Atlanta.

Don’t get me wrong – I like that SJC is doing something. I just question how they think it will help anything at all.

Wait, I can think of one place it’ll help…the only CFA in the country that’s surrounded by LGBTQ+ flags. That’s sure to be a hit on Instagram, huh?

Perfect…give them lots more publicity. #rolleyes

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cree454 April 19, 2019 - 2:42 pm

I understand people want to support those in the LGBTQ+ community, but I don’t think banning private companies from doing business in a public area based on their support of non-PC charities is the right thing to do. Whatever happened to people voting with their wallets?

Isn’t there a significant danger that other government institutions will take a stand against companies which take social or political stances which aren’t in-line with their own? Couldn’t a red state which rejects climate change refuse to allow Starbucks to open at one of their airports for their corporate stance? When government starts picking and choosing which companies are allowed to operate places, the political tide can turn.

Joe April 19, 2019 - 2:58 pm

For more background info for your readers, can you provide examples which hurt when you say “turning around and donating that money to organizations that hurt the LGBTQ+ community”?

Anthony April 19, 2019 - 7:50 pm

I can speak to one of those charities, and can attest that things are taken WAY out of context. First the Fellowship of Christian Athletes does not “seek to spread an anti-LGBTQ message.” That is an outright lie. It’s goal is to spread the Christian faith and from the literature I’ve seen homosexuality is not even a topic of discussion….ever. It’s ban is not against any “homosexual acts”, but against any sexual act outside of marriage…regardless of hetrosexual or homosexual. Shouldn’t we be mad that the hetro community is not rioting because they ban sex between opposite sex people too?

I don’t know why we care who CFA donates money to. If we don’t like it, don’t eat there. I don’t go to Starbucks, but not because of their stance on climate change but because their coffee is expensive and not that good. If a certain franchise gets no business then they will close it on their own. I don’t get how not allowing them to open a store is a victory. To me, that looks like a bully. Allowing them to open and then watching them fail six months later seems to be a stronger statement……or are we afraid they won’t fail?

I think part of the debate is the forced compliance to the LGBTQ agenda and not so much about CFA in particular. We won’t allow the people to vote with their wallet. We don’t trust the average consumer to make the choice that aligns with our views. That we know better from them and will make choices for them like they are a child. For me, I push back against anything that doesn’t allow me to think and act for myself, so I understand some of the animosity and ill will towards the LGBTQ community. Perhaps, that is also what is wanted though….right? More biases to fight and wrongs to right, even though we bring some of it on ourselves?

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 8:02 pm

I will have to look more at Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Thanks for the head sup!

I think if you read my entire article, you’d see that I’m not in disagreement with the bulk of your reply. My article wasn’t about the airport that didn’t allow CFA to set up shop – it was about the one that let them set up shop and then did something that I think is ridiculous. What did you think of what they’re doing?

Anthony April 19, 2019 - 8:22 pm

@Sharon Just wanted to say I appreciate your viewpoint and our civilized discussion! I wish all people were like this. We can disagree on a topic and still be kind to each other. I guess we’ll never split a CFA sandwich and their amazing waffle fries, but baby steps!

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 8:30 pm

And thank YOU for not being a troll 😉

Never say never! People change, opinions evolve. Maybe one of these days they’ll donate huge sums to the Human Right Campaign or something. Nuggets, fries and diet lemonade will be on me! 😉

tim April 19, 2019 - 3:10 pm

Just trying to decide who is more intolerant – Chick-Fil-A for their feelings towards homosexuals, or those who don’t like it that others have religious beliefs different than their own. If you don’t agree with Chick-Fil-A, then don’t eat there.

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 4:17 pm

We don’t. Haven’t in about a dozen or so years.

But the issue isn’t about religion, you know. It’s about donating money to charities who are anti-LGTBQ+. There are plenty of Christians (and charities) who (that) are 100% accepting of people in those populations. All CFA needs to do is change what charities they donate to – and only donate to ones that are accepting of everyone – and there wouldn’t be a problem.

The funny thing is, in 2016 CFA said they weren’t going to donate to groups that were anti-LGBTQ+ anymore (except Salvation Army). But in 2017 they still did. So…?

But again, this has nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs.

Chicken Man April 19, 2019 - 8:08 pm

So, if I’m hearing you right….. The fact that CFA is accepting enough for homosexual business people to own a franchise, be supported by CFA and be successful is not what you are looking for. The demand is that they can’t donate to a charity that is not approved by some percentage of the LGTBQ population? Obviously, not every member of the LGTBQ community agrees with you…even to the point of working for CFA!

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 8:22 pm

LOL, I’m not demanding anything. My personal stance is if that’s what they’re going to do with the money I’ve given them, I’m not giving them my money. I don’t even go to the CFA in Orlando that I spoke of. If other people want to give them their money (that includes some of my LGBTQ+ friends, go figure?), that’s their business.

However you do realize that the main topic in the article was what San Jose is doing, right? What do you think about how they’re handling it?

Debit April 19, 2019 - 3:47 pm

Maybe the LGBTQ community needs to come up with a good chicken sandwich instead of shouting and crying.

James April 19, 2019 - 3:53 pm

Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out Burgers both provide excellent food at a reasonable price to their customers. Both are strong Christian companies that support the GOP. It’s takes a very ignorant and intolerant person to boycott a company because of the owners or management’s beliefs. FYI Tyson chicken is another strong Christian company and if you eat chicken at almost any restaurant in America you are eating Tyson chicken.

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 4:05 pm

re: It’s takes a very ignorant and intolerant person to boycott a company because of the owners or management’s beliefs.

This has nothing to do with Christianity.

To clarify – I don’t care what a person believes in. I have friends who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan, atheist and a host of other religions. I also don’t care who they personally donate to. In fact, if the big wigs of CFA donated to the most hateful groups in the country, it would matter much less to me – it’s their money and they can do what they want with it, AFAIC. My beef (pun intended) is that it’s CFA itself (well, their foundation – that’s still under the umbrella of the actual company) that’s making the donations. So they want to take my money and give it to organizations that hurt the LBGTQ+ community. My response to that is to not give them any of my money. That’s not ignorant or intolerant – that’s making a conscious decision of where my money goes and what it does.

Christa April 19, 2019 - 4:51 pm

Thats great Sharon, you’re choosing to vote with your wallet. This issue that I believe a lot of folks have is that these airport authorities or their local governments aren’t allowing people the opportunity to do that. They probably know that when they allow CFA to operate at their airport, people aren’t going to care about where their charitable contributions go, they only care that they’re getting great food with a smile. To me the most hypocritical part of this is that cities such as SAT have literally dozens of CFA’s throughout the city and have no problem with those tax dollars, but they suddenly want to take a stand against allowing a franchise at the airport.

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 7:38 pm

All good points. However all I mentioned about SAT’s stance was a link to Matthew’s post that disagreed with what San Antonio did…and I agreed with him. So you’re preaching to the choir.

The main point of the article is what SJC’s plan is. What do you think of that?

sinosoul April 19, 2019 - 4:20 pm

F In N Out and their Bradbury-living heiress. Double F Tyson chicken. I’m intolerant of overtly Christian companies just like I’m “intolerant” of racists & homophobes. Free country, right?

The real Debit April 19, 2019 - 8:16 pm

@sinosoul Just so I’m following…their perceived intolerance is bad…so your intolerance of them is good? Maybe the Christians are really not bad but are intolerant of your outward hostility…..which is good?

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 8:33 pm

Play nice, kids, or I’ll turn this car around so fast that your heads will spin.

And by “turning this car around” I mean I’ll shut off comments.

Thank-you for remaining civil, friends!

Debit April 19, 2019 - 3:53 pm

Also it’s completely ok to be very public about having bad thoughts about christians in particular and religious people in general. Christians faith doesn’t just affect them. They try to control other people lives too. We should do the same to them in return.

John rogerson April 19, 2019 - 4:33 pm

Let’s just put it out in the open: this blog writer is a bigot who hates Christian values and doesn’t believe christians should be treated fairly.

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 4:53 pm

You can put that out in the open if you’d like.

But you’d be wrong.

Dr Dillan April 19, 2019 - 6:43 pm

I rarely eat fast food. I prefer home cooked meals, but now I’ll eat at Chick-Fil-A a lot more often, and heavily promote it as well. The only reason why I would feel bad about eating at any fast food restaurant is because fast food is usually not the healthiest and I like to take care of my body. All I hear is whining from some comments and whining from the article. Go cry me a river. Marraige is only between man and woman, not woman and someone who identifies as a toaster. If you were born a man you are a man. No matter how much you pay your doctor you will always be that same man or woman you were born to be. You want to know what’s really problematic? The fact that this article exists and the fact that there are some snowflakes who agree with it is what’s really pathetic. BTW I’m a “Gen Z” Hispanic New Yorker Who is proud of his president and proud to be able to be an entrepreneur in this great country! 🇺🇸

joeheg April 19, 2019 - 7:32 pm

I wish you the best in finding a perfect toaster.

Donato April 19, 2019 - 6:43 pm

Let us be clear!
I can not tolerate an eating establishment in a publicly owner airport that refuses to serve LGBTQ individuals. If they are doing that they need to be closed yesterday.
If the only issue is their beliefs, what is going on with thought police. They need to obey the law and nothing more. When we follow the slippery slope of judging whom they donate to; it is a very slippery slope.
Any individual is entitled to make their own decision and not eat there, of course.

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 7:33 pm

Thanks for your input. However the main point of the article is what SJC’s plan is. What do you think of it?

Simon April 19, 2019 - 9:56 pm

Please stick to points discussions and not spreading insanely inaccurate lies and propaganda about Chik Fil A. You’re an embarrassment.

SharonKurheg April 19, 2019 - 10:00 pm

Wait, so San Jose Airport ISN’T going to do the flag thing? Oh, good! WHEW!

Debit April 20, 2019 - 6:55 am

We support your freedom to spend your money however you choose sharon. If I donate to a Muslim terrorist organization it would be supporting terrorism and I would be put in jail. If christians tithe their money to the church why is it not supporting pedophilia? so many priests are getting caught with rape and paedophilia. I think all christians should be in jail by default.

The laws have been written to discriminatorily favor the Christiqns. And yet they act persecuted. This is the drama they have been playing since the religion was founded by a group of thugs, a cult if your will. Common criminals who acted like they were being persecuted. No wonder they like trump so much. Drama queen and a common criminal who acts like he is being falsely persecuted to hide his crimes.

Anyway I like their sandwiches and would eat them again. But I support you.

Maggie April 20, 2019 - 9:59 am

I do think the writer of this article is very biased. I am a Christian and as a Christian we should not do God’s job and judge anyone. Whatever you call yourself, and I admit I don’t understand a lot of the new phrases. The fact of the matter is, we shouldn’t stop a company from doing business unless there is a very good reason. FYI I love CFA


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