4 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Apply For the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card”

  1. 4 travel credits are nice, but for me not worth the hard pull, annual fee, plus the annoying bankers and phone calls who will want all your business. The CNB for me is 7 miles away and I haven’t considered it.

  2. Even with only 1 authorized user you just left $1700 on the table (at least that’s what I netted in 4 months). 75k Signup bonus points are worth $900 if used for airfare. 4x$250 travel credit per card per calendar year (2018 & 2019 for me)= $1000. 2x$100 global entry credit (we had 4 to renew) =$200. Annual fee was $400. And this is assigning zero value to priority pass unlimited guests, $100 credit on 2 tickets, etc.
    Let me know what card provides $1700 after annual fee.

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