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Would You Still Stay at This Hotel?

by joeheg

If you know anything about Sharon and I from meeting us in person or from reading our blog, you’ll know that we and the word “party” do not usually belong in the same sentence. If a room is too crowded or the music is too loud, we’re typically headed towards the exit.

I put a lot of time into picking out hotels for our most recent trip, probably too much (Note from Sharon: Probably???). I weighed the cost of the room, the location and the quality of the hotel to find the best fit for each of our locations. Except one.

I had a really hard time deciding on one location. On one hand, I had a hotel that I could stay at by using a free night certificate. It wasn’t in the greatest neighborhood but was just a short Uber from where we needed to be and was newly built (in fact, it wasn’t even finished when I was looking to book).

I had also found another hotel in a better neighborhood. This one was a boutique hotel but I found a decent rate. It was in a slightly better neighborhood but a little further away from where we wanted to be. The hotel also had some of the quirkiness that we tend to like.

The third choice was seemingly perfect. It was a beautiful hotel right across the street from where we needed to go. I could use hotel points for the stay, which was good because paid nights were going for over $400. It just seemed to be a little too “hip” for us. We’d be the old people at the hotel, and not the “cool” old people. Just the “old” people.

I couldn’t resist the location and convenience so I put aside my pride and booked it.

I was a bit concerned when I got this email from the hotel.

On weekends, _________ is a high energy, adult environment. If you’re looking to live large, you’ve come to the right place. If you prefer a quiet environment or are traveling with children, we suggest you stay at one of our sister properties. Contact us at XXX-XXX-XXXX for assistance. You won’t be charged for a cancellation fee within 48 hours of receiving this letter. 

…and then there’s this

There’s also a strict no party policy for Guest rooms. Only two individuals per bed are allowed in each guest room, and there should be no more than four individuals in each room at a time, otherwise its considered a party. Noise complaints can result in immediate cancellation of your reservation without a refund.

I’m just wondering how many times they’ve had more than two people in a bed at this hotel??? This might just be a way for the hotel to avoid complaints so they can say “We told you so.” Still, I think I might have gotten us in a little over our head here, but you know some times the only way out is full steam ahead. We know there are rough storms ahead and we’ve got our ZZZ-Quil and our earplugs ready. We (you know, the “old” people) will let you know how it goes.


SPOILERS! Here’s our review of said hotel!

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