A Few Inches Makes All The Difference (When It Comes To Bag Size)

Size matters. Especially when you’re dealing with something as important as the dimensions of your carry on bag. With passengers not wanting to check luggage because of cost and the possibility the airlines will lose their stuff, people are trying to bring as much as they can with them on the plane. Because of this, airlines are getting stricter about the size and number of items you can bring with you.  It’s now crucial to have a bag that’ll fit in the airline’s sizing device. Here’s a link showing the current size bags allowed on many airlines. Now that airlines are looking for any way possible to get more money from you, collecting fees to gate check a bag that’s “too big” for the overhead bins is easy money. We’ve even come across gate agents who claimed our bags were too large, when they most certainly were not. See, it fits just fine.


You’ll see many websites telling you which bags are “carry-on approved” or “fits in overhead bin” Don’t believe them. I’ll share with you a story of how Sharon and I learned the hard way that 22 inches doesn’t necessarily mean EXACTLY 22 inches.  Continue reading “A Few Inches Makes All The Difference (When It Comes To Bag Size)”