An Important Thing To Do When You Leave Your Hotel Room

We all know that it happens. It might even have happened to you – you check in to your hotel, you get to your room and all looks good. Later on, you’re getting ready for bed, you pull the covers back, and WHOA! There is NO WAY this is a freshly made bed!


They didn’t change the sheets!?!?!?! Son of a….!!!

So you go downstairs and complain to the front desk and either someone comes up and gives you fresh sheets (and/or towels), or they give you a new room. Either way, here’s what you can do to help stop that from happening…

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Why Don’t Hotels Used Fitted Sheets?

Joe and I use fitted sheets at home because they’re fast, efficient and convenient. We use a regular flat sheet that goes between the fitted sheet and the blanket, but for the actual sheet that we sleep on, it’s fitted all the way.

I don’t recall ever seeing a hotel that uses a fitted sheet, have you? Ever wonder why? I tried to find out.

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