The Newest Theme Park Featuring Rides Based On Blockbuster Film Franchises Just Opened, In China

When I think of the best place to build a theme park featuring rides based of some of the most popular movie franchises from the last two decades, my first thought isn’t Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, China. However, when I looked at a map and found out this island is bordering Macau, the location made more sense.

So what type of theme park is this and what rides does it have you ask? This 10-story “vertical” theme park has rides based on films released by Lionsgate Pictures. Maybe that doesn’t ring a bell immediately.

What if I were to tell you the park will have rides based on the following film franchises:

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When You’re Evacuated From Disney Attractions: The Videos!

For many Disney fans, being on a ride/attraction when it breaks down is an annoyance. The continuity of the story is broken, your time is limited and you have places to go and characters to see and a Fast Pass Plus that’s due in 10 minutes! For some, that one instance alone might even mean their vacation is ruined! 😉 (not really, of course – some people are just overly dramatic and/or want the opportunity to try to get something “extra” for their so-called “problems.”)

But for others, being on an attraction that’s suddenly “101” (Disneyspeak for “a ride is down”) while they’re on it, could mean what they see as the ultimate experience – being evacuated from the ride. And with that, you may get to see the ride with the emergency lights on, as well as backstage/behind-the-scenes areas that guests rarely, if ever see.

It’s relatively rare to be evacuated from an attraction and even less so for someone to videotape said evacuation (because Disney Cast Members [employees] are trained to try to not let videotaping happen, if possible, for fear of “spoiling the magic). But it happens here and there. Here are some Disney attraction evacuation videos that we’ve found:

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