What You Should NOT Do To Get Upgrades On Flights

There have never been very many ways to get an upgrade on a plane. Back in the “olden days,” you might be able to get upgraded if you had status. Nowadays the only consistent way to get a flight upgrade is to pay for it. And, of course, for whatever his/her reasons, sometimes a gate agent might do you a favor and give you an upgrade that way. Which leads into my story…

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75 Of The Funniest Announcements Made By Airline Employees

Pilots and flight attendants have very important jobs to do, most of which have something to do, in some way, shape or form, with our safety. But that’s not to say all of these airline staff members are super serious. In fact, there’s probably little that would be further from the truth. Now, I don’t know who submitted these quotes to the internet over the years or where any of them came from, so please forgive me for not giving credit where credit may be due. But for your reading pleasure, here are a whole bunch of things these flight attendants, pilots and occasionally other airline staff or customers have said that might make you giggle. Enjoy!

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International Travel Without A Passport – It’s Starting

Technology has become huge in travel. You’ve got the ability to make reservations on your phone, have your boarding pass on your phone, programs such as CLEAR allow you to bypass the TSA lines and Global Entry lets you skip the regular line when returning to the U.S.

And now comes the next step – a pilot program will allow the citizens of two countries to enjoy international travel without having their passports.

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Where, When & How Long The Crew Sleeps On Long Haul Flights

As technology has advanced, so has the ability for flights to become longer and longer. As of October 2018, Singapore Airlines has the longest flight in the world, at 9,521 miles. Depending on weather, climate conditions and airport traffic, you can expect to spend 18 hours and 45 minutes on that flight.

Chances are that most, if not all passengers will get at least some sleep while on flights that are that long (if you’re one of those people who has a hard time sleeping on planes, these ideas might help). The cabin crew will need to get some sleep, too. But did you ever wonder exactly where they sleep? I mean, it’s not like you see beds or cots in the cabin. And how do they figure out who gets to sleep when? And for how long?

While perusing the internets, I think I discovered the ultimate answer.

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