Citi Prestige Premium Rental Car Benefits

While the American Express Platinum cards are the standard for providing travel benefits, you’re eligible for several of the same perks if you have a premier card from a different bank. Since I canceled my Platinum card, I’ve been looking to keep as many of the benefits I had previously with the cards I still have. The Citi Prestige card provides some of the same benefits and some that AMEX doesn’t.

With the Citi Prestige, you get extra benefits with several rental car companies. Here’s a list of the benefits and how to sign up for them.

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Why Do Rental Car Companies Charge For Extra Drivers? And Do You Always Have To Pay It?

You’ve gotten a sweet deal on a rental car (hopefully because you’ve read this article). You’ve figured out how much your toll charges are going to be, and you’re prepared because you know what you need to do about the insurance. You even know how to pay for your rental car by using your debit card. You get to the car rental desk and BOOM, you’re stuck with a daily fee so your spouse or friend can be an extra driver.

What’s up with that? And moreso, is there any way to avoid it? Funny you should ask…

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I Paid Less Than $100 To Travel 1000 Miles For My Class Reunion – It Was My Best Use of Miles & Points Ever!

Do you remember that Nike slogan from forever ago? Just Do It! I guess you could substitute YOLO or Living My Best Life, as the young people say, in its place. It’s a phrase for the times where you forget all the reasons NOT to do something and, well just do it. We all have those things we wish we could do but think of reasons why we can’t. This was the scenario presented when I was invited to a get together of my grammar school class of 1986.

If any of you youngsters out there are wondering, this is a Polaroid picture (and you were not supposed to shake it).

I went to a parochial (Catholic) school in New Jersey, and the school ran from Kindergarten to 8th grade. So I truly grew up with the people in my class, some of them for nine years and I hadn’t seen most of them for more than 30 years.

When they picked a date for the reunion, I was supposed to be working so I gave up on any chance of attending. But less than a month ago, my work schedule changed.

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Earn A Free Rental With National Car Rental’s “One Two Free” Promotion

National Car Rental’s “One Two Free” promotion is back for 2018. I wrote about this promotion last year and many of the basics haven’t changed much since then. In short, for each rental from National, you’ll earn 300 points. When you earn 600 points, you get  a voucher for a free rental day. Pretty sweet. The promotion runs from August 23, 2018 to Feb 28, 2019. There are also a bunch of other ways to earn points besides renting a car but to find out what those are, you’ll need to register.

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National Car Rental Changing Price Of TollPass Service

I never used to look at emails that told me about changes to Terms and Conditions (T&C). I mean, I couldn’t do anything about the changes they were making and most of the time they didn’t affect me, anyway. But I’ve recently started to read them a bit more carefully and I just discovered a change that National has snuck into the Emerald Club Rules.

My Spidey senses were activated when the email started with this picture.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.31.49 PM
Dear Emerald Club Member,

Thank you so much for your business. We wanted to inform you that we are making some changes to the terms and conditions you agreed to when you joined Emerald Club®. For additional information regarding the changes to the terms and conditions, please see the FAQs posted on the website. The good news is the benefits you receive from your Emerald Club membership are not changing. Your membership level and how you achieve membership tier status will stay the same. You will keep all of your rental credits, and the way you earn credits and redeem free days remains unchanged. Furthermore, Emerald Club services, such as counter bypass and Aisle access, remain the same.

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