Comparing The iPad Pro Versus MacBook Air For Working On The Road

Toward the end of 2018, it became evident that the technology I used while traveling was woefully inadequate. I had a first-generation iPad Mini to watch movies or TV shows on the plane and an 11-inch MacBook Air from 2011 to write on for our blog while on a plane or in a hotel room.


I replaced the battery in the MacBook to try and preserve its life and did a full format and reinstall of macOS High Sierra to remove anything that was slowing it down. Still, I could only have a few tabs open on Safari or no more than a few programs open before it started to get sluggish.

As for the iPad Mini, it had reached that point where the newest iOS will no longer update. That also meant I could no longer update any apps, except those that still made versions that worked on such an ancient device. I got a constant lag when streaming video, even with a strong WiFi connection.

It was time to upgrade.

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What Tech Do You Bring When Traveling

Technology marches forward every day. A device that was a “must have” last year is a relic today. I’ve shown what tech I used to bring with me, so I thought it would be interesting to see “what’s in my bag” when I go on a trip nowadays.

I’ll start out by saying that while I’d like to have the newest technology, I hardly ever do. If something works for me, I’m gonna keep using it. Case in point, I wrote this on a 7-year-old MacBook Air. When the battery stopped holding a charge, I replaced it…all it took was a $70 kit from Amazon and 15 minutes to install. At the same time, I also clean installed High Sierra OS. This computer is as “like new” as it’s ever going to be. I’m sure Apple would have preferred me to buy a new one but this works just fine to write this article, thank you very much.

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How To Log Onto A WiFi Network When You Can’t Get The Login Page To Open

Ever since Sharon and I have started writing Your Mileage May Vary, we’ve learned that having reliable internet access is a necessity when we’re traveling. That’s not such a big problem now that most hotel rooms offer WiFi connections. But even those connections aren’t always the best and occasionally we’ll find ourselves sitting in a hotel lobby updating the website because we just can’t connect from the room.

In the meantime, there’s a whole different problem we’ve discovered, particularly since Sharon purchased a Chromebook. While she loves it because it’s really light and tends to load webpages faster than even her desktop (and was a ton cheaper than getting another MacBook), its main drawback is that it requires an internet connection to do almost anything. More than once, we’ve gotten to a hotel and turned on the computer only to see this:


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