Want To Leave A Country? There’s A Tax For That

There are many things you’ll consider when choosing which foreign country to visit but I bet one thing you usually wouldn’t think about is how much you’ll need to pay to leave the country and return home. Yep, governments have realized that an easy way to collect money from tourists (and their own residents, as well), is to charge a fee when leaving the country. Sure in some countries it’s called a tax, in other’s it a duty and you’ll even see it referred to as a fee, but make no mistake, they’re all ways to have you pay money so you can leave the country.

The amount of these, let’s call them fees, varies greatly from country to country. Japan recently added a departure fee of ¥1000, (about $9 USD), for people leaving the country. Australia charges a fee of A$60 ($42 USD) and Fiji charges a F$200 ($93.68 USD) fee to all departing passengers.

One reason you need to know the departure fee is that airlines will often charge you this fee when redeeming miles for an award ticket. Since it’s not considered part of the airfare cost from the airline, they pass the charge onto you.

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The Banning Of Resort Fees & Other Hidden Charges: The Good News & The Bad News

For a long time, resort fees, those hidden charges hotels usually don’t tell you about until you arrive at your hotel, were limited to the United States. We’ve written a few posts about what they are and how you may be able to get out of paying them, as well as made our readers aware of the Kill Resort Fees, a grassroots effort to, well, kill resort fees, website.

Of course, it was only a matter of time that hidden resort fees would make it to another country.

And they did.

But they won’t be there for much longer…

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