Maybe American Airlines Isn’t As Bad As I Thought (Hmm…On Second Thought, Yeah, It Still Is)

Over the course of several years, I’d convinced myself that American wasn’t that great of an airline to fly on. This isn’t taking the destruction devaluation of the Advantage frequent flyer program into account; it was just the experience we had when flying with them. Their gate agents tended to range from indifferent to downright surly. Take the flight where the gate agent insisted that Sharon’s bag was too big for the overhead and the other flight where the exact same thing happened again.

All of these experiences led to American placing 5th on our list of best U.S. Airlines only beating out the ultra low cost carriers (and United, which we flat out refuse to fly). Honestly, our experiences on Frontier were better than our flights on American. At least their cabin crews acted like they actually wanted to be there.

I was admittedly trying to avoid flying on American wherever I could, but in some situations, I just couldn’t avoid them due to cost or schedule. Then something happened.

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Does Reading Reviews Diminish Your Travel Experiences?

First of all, please keep reading reviews. Particularly ours and the ones from other BoardingArea bloggers but also those on TripAdvisor, Oyster and whatever other sites you want.

The question I’m asking is can reading too many reviews diminish our enjoyment from traveling? I’ll use hotel reviews as an example. For a popular hotel, it’s possible to find online reviews that will show you almost every inch of the hotel from the exterior to the lobby and full views of the room including the bathroom, closet and coffee maker. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you even go. Does that take away the wow factor we used to get when walking into a place not having any idea of what we were getting?

I’m writing this because I’m currently wrestling with this issue myself, after our recent trip to London and a stay at the St. Pancras Renaissance hotel. Here’s our review of the stay 🙂. While I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our stay, I had a sense the whole time that somehow we were missing out on something. Here’s why:


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