Why You Need To Diversify Your Miles and Points Portfolio

As you may have read, we had a blowout trip through the American Southwest in 2017. For us, a fifteen night trip is an amazingly long time to be away from home. We could have stayed at the same hotel chain properties and worked our way towards some low level of status. However, it was much better for us to pick the best hotel for us in each location and use the most sensible form of payment, be it paying cash or using points. The same thing went for the flights, which were booked with a combination of cash and airline miles.


This was possible because I had a stash of points in several hotel programs as well as had transferrable credit card points. Some of the rooms I paid for because the hotels either weren’t part of any point program or there was a promotion that made paying with cash a much better value than using points.

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Maximize AMEX Offers On Black Friday, Universal Updates, LGBTQ-Friendly Resort In An Unexpected Place, & More

Happy Sunday to all of our travel friends, both near and far! Here are some articles we’ve read from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along.

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Save 20% Or Earn 20 Points Per Dollar On Airfare With This AMEX Offer

The AMEX Offers program by American Express provides targeted discounts or bonus point earning opportunities to cardholders when they’re logged into their account. These offers are great because the savings you earn offset the annual fees that American Express charges for many of their points earning credit cards. While looking at my account this month, I found a new AMEX offer that’s really appealing. We received this offer on several different cards and the offer was different depending on the card it was offered on. Since you can only attach an AMEX Offer to a single card (once you select it for one card, it disappears on all your other cards), it’s important to check all of your card accounts before selecting your offer.

Here’s the offers we received for charges from JetBlue:

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This Might Be The Best AMEX Offer Ever

I’m a big fan of American Express’ AMEX Offers. If you have an American Express card, you can log in to your account online and see any number of offers available on your account. They may be for restaurants, hotels, online shopping or anything else you would pay for with your AMEX card. Taking advantage of these offers for “free money” or bonus points is one way you can recoup the cost of a card’s annual fee or the offers can even be money makers if you play your cards right. I’ve strategically used these offers in the past, like during our stay at a Hilton in Las Vegas or when I put in an order from Boxed. Recently, the offers on the AMEX site have been underwhelming so I haven’t bothered signing up for them. I’ll still look at the e-mails that AMEX sends me about the new offers and the one I received today stopped me in my tracks.

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Bicoastal Disney Openings, Visiting Liverpool With A Beatle, A New Way To Search for Flights & More

And here it is, Sunday again. Hope y’all have had a good week! Here are some travel articles we’ve recently seen that we think you may enjoy.

  • Nick at Frequent Miler wrote about a new search function on one of my favorite websites, Google Flights. You’re now able to search for airfares that allow you to put a carry on bag in the overhead bin. So it’ll eliminate basic economy fares that don’t allow bin access and add the bag charge to flights that charge extra for the privilege (like Spirit and Frontier).
  • Caroline from Frugal Travel Guy wrote about the best places to stay in Cuba on points and miles. The hotels available for points redemption are slim if you are an American who can even visit under the current travel restrictions. Personally, I’d strongly suggest staying at a casa particular instead of a chain resort. You can go to any island in the Caribbean and stay at a resort. If you’re going to Cuba, spend some time with the people. You’ll never forget it.
Sharon & Joe in Havana, March 2016

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