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Hi and thanks for visiting! You clicked through to this page so you apparently want to learn more about us. My name is Joe and I’m the one who does most of the travel planning in our home. My posts are usually about frequent flyer miles, hotel points, airlines, airports, and pretty much anything having to do with plans for our travel. My wife Sharon is the one who has to deal with me constantly talking about travel and points (Note from Sharon: Oh, YESSS! Y’all have no idea, LOL!), and is the one who usually writes about travel destinations, tips & tricks, sales & discounts, Disney, Universal, etc. She’s also the proofreader of the family.

We decided to write this blog because:

  1. Many of our friends kept saying, “You should give lessons!” because of all the things I did with the points and miles we saved.
  2. We have a eclectic travel style that’s generally not represented on other blogs.
  3. We’ve developed a criteria that helps us make travel decisions we think could be helpful to others.

Travel for us is a means to get to a destination. We’ve done the extra 6 hours of flying so we could sit in the fully flat seat instead of a recliner. We’ve scheduled layovers just so we could see the fancy airport lounge. After experiencing these things a few times, we’ve decided they’re really not all that important to us; with rare exception, we just want to get to where we’re going as quickly and comfortably as possible.

If you are looking for aspirational travel tips, this is not the best place to start. We do take some nice trips where we splurge for something special, but there are plenty of other blogs, like One Mile at a Time and The Points Guy, that cover traveling in the best planes and staying at the nicest hotels in the most amazing locations. I’d also like to recommend Gary Leff and his blog, View from the Wing – he helped me book our first trip to Japan with points. However unlike those websites, my posts will vary from how we booked a flight to Austria in a flat bed seat with miles, to how I saved money booking a Southwest flight to Austin.

We hope you enjoy following our travels and insights into how we make these trips happen. Hopefully you will be able to use these tricks to improve your own vacations. However, as always, Your Mileage May Vary.


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