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Door Camera Video: Dog Escaped Pet Hotel & Ran Home While Owners Traveling

by SharonKurheg

A couple vacationing in Las Vegas had the surprise of their lives a few months ago. That’s when they got a notification from their doorbell surveillance system in back home in Kansas: their dog, Dexter, was at their front door, begging be let in.

Back in February, Jeremy and Sarah Henson had a great five day vacation planned – first they were going to go hiking in Mount Zion National Park, and that would be followed by a few days of fun in Las Vegas. Before they went on their merry way, they dropped Dexter off at a local doggy daycare place, a couple of miles from their home in Lenexa, KS.

On the third day of vacation, while in Vegas, they got a notification on their Ring doorbell – someone was at their front door. That “someone” turned out to be a dog that looked a whole lot like Dexter, and he was begging to be let in.

‘We were both like, “Oh my god, that’s Dexter!”’ Jeremy told Inside Edition in March. “Obviously, he didn’t understand the fact that we were gone, he just thought that we were home. And he takes his job protecting us very seriously.”

Jeremy said Dexter had to have jumped or climbed a 6-foot-fence at the pet hotel, as well as another 4-foot retainer fence before traveling two miles to get back home.

Meanwhile, they had an upset dog on their porch and they were 1,300 miles from home. So they used the Ring speaker to talk to their pooch.

“Hi, Buddy. Good boy. Stay there. Sit. Dexter, sit. Dexter, sit. Sit. Oh, I know, buddy. I’m sorry. What a smart boy, though. Good boy,” Jeremy said, trying to keep Dexter calm.

Dexter was a good boy and stayed put until staff from the pet hotel were able to come to the house and safely retrieve him.

CLICK HERE to see the Ring.com video. Jeremy starts talking to him through the Ring speaker at about 0:44.

Sarah Henson told Fox 4 Kansas City back in February that Jeremy had taken Dexter on a lot of long walks so that’s probably how he knew the way home. But she also wondered why the pet hotel hadn’t told them he was missing.

“He has been kenneled in the past, and hasn’t had too many issues. His older little brother is no longer with us anymore. I think he used to be fine hanging out there with him,” Jeremy Henson added.

The Hensons said they didn’t have plans for any legal action.

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