7 thoughts on “Eight Commonly Heard Questions Regarding Chase’s 5/24 Rule For New Card Applications”

  1. I recently had my first ever credit card rejection from Chase (for the Sapphire Preferred). I called the reconsideration line and they said that the reason was too many recent accounts opened. I though that I was 4/24. He said a Target card (that can only be used at Target) counted towards my total. I would not have opened this card had I known that.

    But something does not add up, because I applied and was approved for an Ink Business Preferred card just two months prior and that is the only other application I submitted this year. So, either they counted the Ink card towards my 5/24 count or they approved me for the Ink card when I was at 5/24 (when counting the Target card).

    Anybody else have a similar experience?

  2. You forgot the most important part: if you are 4/24 and plan to do an apporama (or just apply for multiple cards) (1) apply for Chase business card first then (2) Chase personal card then (3) other cards. That way the business card doesn’t get counted, and your next 5/24 will expire only 24 months later when all the apps drop off. Of course there is also the Chase 2/30 rule and 1/24 rule that you might cross-reference …

  3. this is very confusing…please read again and clarify. thanks so much!

    “I was denied for a Chase Ink Business card for being over 5/24. I thought you said they didn’t count!

    This is one of the biggest misunderstandings with 5/24. Applying for and getting approved for a business card from any bank does not increase your 5/24 count. If you’ve applied for 5 business cards in the past 24 months and no personal cards, your count is currently 0/24. Go ahead and get that new Chase card!

    However, Chase looks at your 5/24 status when applying for one of their business cards. If you’re over 5/24 then you are not going to be approved for a new Chase business card.”

    1. I’ve updated it a bit but I can’t figure out how to make it any clearer. Is this any better or if not, what’s still confusing?

  4. Chase rule is all over the place – I got approved for Amazon Prime and had the card for 7 months and the card was closed because of the 5/24 rule. I was paying my balance in full. I got denied for a checking account too with out explanation. I have not ever being denied a checking account. From other banks have accounts over 20 years and good credit. Chase is “heartless” – I got an Amazon store card instead.

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