Arrrrrgh – A Hacked Credit Card Cost Me Points!!

Whether you’re a points and miles person, a cash back type or even if you only use a debit card, getting your card hacked eventually happens to everyone. Since I have a good amount of cards, I keep a close tab on my accounts looking for any unfamiliar charges. It makes it pretty hard for Sharon to surprise me with any presents, ’cause I see the charge before I get the gift, but that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.

Back in November, I saw two separate $300 Ticketmaster charges for Orlando Magic tickets on my Sapphire Reserve. We’re not sportsing people and the charges weren’t ours, but since we live in Orlando, Chase’s systems didn’t flag them as fraudulent charges. I went online, filled out the form saying I didn’t make these charges (yay for no direct human contact) and was informed the charges would be removed. They canceled my card, sent me a replacement and a mailer to send back the indestructible metal card. I thought that was the end of the story, and it was, until now.

When we were getting ready for our trip last week, I wrote about the wallet shuffle I do before going on trips. The Sapphire Reserve was one of the cards going in my wallet to pay for any travel expenses, like UBER or taxis and possibly restaurants as both of these categories earn 3x Ultimate Rewards points. I also wrote about one of the things on my checklist was to make sure the cards in my wallet were registered with a dining program just in case we visited a place where we could earn some extra miles.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 12.50.16 PM.jpg

I set up the AT&T Universal card because it’s earning 5X on dining expenses for me right now and I registered my newly received World of Hyatt Visa. I didn’t think about the Sapphire Reserve. I’ve set that card up already and received bonus points when using it at restaurants.

Dining programs work by tracking when an enrolled card is used at an eligible location. You don’t have to do anything else than enter your card number at the website. One night, we went out for drinks and I paid with the Sapphire Reserve. I knew previously I received bonus points for our spending at this location. I kept expecting to get an email giving me the bonus points but nothing ever came. I checked to see if the bar was still listed as a partner and it was. So what happened?

It was then I realized my mistake. I never registered my replacement card number with the dining program.

Homer D'Oh

Talk about points vanishing into thin air. I would have earned three Alaska Airlines miles for each dollar spent on top of the three Ultimate Rewards points I am already getting for dining expenses.

Know what I’m going when I’m done writing this article? Register my Sapphire Reserve card with the Alaska Dining program.

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