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I’ll Take Better Coverage Over More Points

by joeheg

For those who collect (and spend) points and miles, deciding which credit card to use when making a purchase is a straightforward process. For most, the card providing the largest return is the one you’ll use. There are some calculations to do considering how much each different point is worth to you but for the most part, the card with the biggest return wins.

If you’re thick into the weeds of maximizing return, you might know of a workaround to get even more points. You may be able to buy a gift card at Staples for 5x points or you might just pick up a discounted gift card on eBay to save 10%. Don’t forget to use a shopping portal for extra points.

For me, there’s one more thought that I need to consider; what card will give me the best insurance coverage for this purchase. It’s not a popular stance, but I’ll give up points for better coverage. Here’s some of the categories where coverage matters to me.

Air Travel


I mentioned this when going over the changes to the Citi Prestige card. The Prestige previously offered the best travel coverage for trip delays and I used this card instead of my Sapphire Reserve even if it earned less valuable ThankYou points. When the coverages became mostly the same, I switched and started to use the Reserve. Now that the Prestige will earn 5x points for air travel, I’m changing back to the Prestige.

The Prestige offers the best coverage for baggage delays so I was giving up the better coverage to use the Sapphire Reserve, but I didn’t value great baggage coverage as a deal breaker.

I don’t like using gift cards to pay for air travel because you get no coverage if the entire ticket is paid for with the gift card.

Rental Cars


I’m always going to use a credit card that provides primary coverage for the Loss Damage Waiver / Collision Damage Waiver. Going way back, I had a Diners Club card that provided this coverage. When I received the United MileagePlus card, it was my main way to pay for rentals. I didn’t care if it wasn’t the best card to earn points, because I was using it for the coverage. Now I can use the Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve for our rentals and have coverage for damage to the vehicle.

Several business cards also provide primary coverage but one provision listed is that the vehicle is being used for business use when the damage happens. I’d rather not have to deal with explaining that to the insurance company.

Concert and Show Tickets


We spend a decent amount of money each year on concert and theater tickets. One lesser known coverage the Citi Prestige card provides is missed event protection. Check out the reasons for which they will reimburse the ticket cost:

  • The venue or producer cancels the event (or delays the event more than 12 hours) and does not reimburse or replace the ticket or provide a rain check.
  • The Ticketholder can’t find the ticket or it’s stolen or destroyed.
  • The Ticketholder has an accident on the way to the event that causes the event to be missed.
  • The Ticketholder or any one living with them has an injury or illness that requires medical care.
  • The Ticketholder or their family member dies.
  • The Ticketholder is called to jury duty or receives a subpoena from the court, neither of which can be postponed.
  • The Ticketholder is called to emergency duty as a member of the National Guard, Active Reserve or the United States Armed Forces.
  • Severe weather or natural disaster prevents the Ticketholder from attending the event.
  • A catastrophe causes a government authority to cut off access to the immediate area near the event site, preventing the Ticketholder from getting to it.

We will also cover taxes and nonrefundable ticket fees (including convenience and shipping fees).

That’s a pretty lenient list of reasons to refund a ticket, even including if you lose the ticket. I’d gladly earn less points for that sort of piece of mind.

Cell Phone


Many cards now include cell phone replacement coverage due to damage or theft as a perk, provided you pay the monthly cell phone bill with the card. I have an Ink Business Preferred card that earns 3x points for cell phone bill charges and provides cell phone coverage. Now, I also have an Ink Cash that would pay 5x points for the same charges but I’ll forgo the extra 2x points for the extra coverage. The higher your cell phone bill, the more you’d have to consider if the extra points would be better (and you can always insure your phone yourself).

Large Purchases


One last category where I’ll go with a card with better coverage is with large purchases. I’ll look for a card with purchase protection and extended warranty (for items like electronics and appliances). Purchase protection covers you if an item breaks shortly after you buy it, within the first few months. Extended warranty provides additional coverage after the manufacturer warranty expires.

You never think of these coverages until you need them but I’ll always consider them for a purchase where I think they might be needed.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the categories where I’ll forgo earning the max amount of points and miles in return for getting better insurance coverages. I already earn points faster than I can use them. Having a safety net when I travel or make an expensive purchase gives me piece of mind that is worth more than the points I’m missing out on.

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