What To Do When You Have Too Much or Too Heavy Luggage

Sometimes when you travel you just have too much luggage – too many bags, too much weight, you name it. Or another example – I remember one time Joe and I had a trip where we started in Los Angeles (where it was warm), and then went to Alaska (where it was cold), so we needed to have a week’s worth of entirely different sets of clothing. So what do you do? Well, you can pay for multiple bags. Or have overstuffed bags that are too heavy.

Or you can have your bags shipped!

luglessShipping your bags is sort of the best of all worlds. You don’t have to pay for your baggage on the plane AND you don’t have to drag your luggage with you from Point A to Point B. You just ship it. And that’s exactly what LugLess does. So you can travel without the baggage.

From www.lugless.com:

At LugLess our vision is to reinvent the way people travel by offering an easy and affordable alternative to checking luggage.

The LugLess brand was originally launched in 2009 and made waves with an appearance on Shark Tank. Shortly thereafter, LugLess was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of 100 Brilliant Companies.

As the company has grown, our mission has evolved to focus on providing a low-cost, flexible service that allows the convenience of luggage shipping to be a reality for every traveler.

The way Lugless works is pretty simple. Here’s how they explain it:

  1. Print Labels
    Bags aren’t very smart, so each one will need a shipping label attached in order to get it to its destination. You can print your shipping labels from any device. If you’re connected to a printer, you’re all set.
  2. Send Bags
    We’ll give you several options for dropping off your luggage at a local FedEx or UPS location. Or, you have the option to add a pickup at your home, work, or hotel during booking.
  3. Travel Light
    This is the “travel without the baggage” part. Grab your iPad and head to the airport. Track your LugLess shipment from anywhere. We’ll notify you when your luggage arrives.
  4. Arrive Relaxed
    UPS or FedEx will deliver the luggage directly to your destination address and you get to skip the dreaded baggage claim, so you better have a plan for all the extra time LugLess saved you.

You get to control what kind of extras/options to include, if any, which can include pickup (as opposed to drop off), value protection, custom luggage tag, enhanced tracking, on-time guarantee, support via chat, email and/or phone support, and the flexibility to make your shipment changeable or refundable.

Besides carry-on or full-sized luggage, LugLess is able to ship larger items such as golf bags and skis, and is even able to ship items to/from school, say at the beginning or end of the semester.

Their pricing is generally based on the weight, distance and time frame some of your items would have to travel. Here’s what they take into consideration:

  1. Heavy things are harder to move than light things. So your bag full of boots will cost a little more than your bag full of boas. Super heavy things (over 75lbs) may incur an additional surcharge of up to $75.
  2. There is only so much space to go around and it has a price. Here’s how it works (this is important): During transit, items are measured at the longest point of each side including straps, handles and wheels. Those dimensions, in inches, are then used to calculate a Dimensional Weight (DW). Here’s the formula: (LxHxW)/139 = DW. If the Dimensional Weight is greater than the actual weight (in pounds), you will be charged for that number of pounds.

  3. We don’t want to insult your intelligence, but we need to tell you that sending two items will cost more than one. Now for the good news: It doesn’t cost double, you get a break when you send more. So go ahead, pack like you mean it and ship that second bag.

They don’t mention it until you start looking at prices, but the further out you can ship your items (i.e. 4 days ahead of time as opposed to next day), the cheaper it will cost.

Here are some examples:

  • 2 checked bags (each 50# or less) one way from Orlando FL to NYC, with planned arrival 4 days after shipment = $52.99.
  • 4 checked bags (each 50# or less) round from Philadelphia PA to Los Angeles CA, with planned arrival 4 days after shipment, and return a month later (again, 4 days after shipment) = $157.99 per direction.
  • 1 carry on (25# or less) one way from Chicago, IL to Joliet IL, with planned arrival 4 days after shipment = $14.99

LFlogoLugLess will ship anywhere within the United States. If you’re interested in shipping outside the U.S., they currently recommend LuggageForward, which is equipped to ship luggage internationally. Their prices are based on size of the bag(s), what country you want to ship to/from, and how far in advance you request the pickup/delivery.

If you ever have more luggage than you’d prefer to deal with, perhaps shipping it would be a good idea.

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