What’s A Name Worth, Anyway? Apparently, It’s Worth 12 Million Dollars

When you think of iconic places, the name goes with the location. Be honest, do you call it Willis Tower or do you still call it the Sears Tower? Names tend to stick even when they’re no longer accurate. I still will call the Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World by its old name, Disney-MGM Studios.

When a place changes names, it’s confusing. There are times when it’s understandable to rename a location when re-branding because you’re trying to leave behind the past and start new. I don’t see anyone complaining about them changing the name of the Milford Plaza in New York to the Row NYC.

But iconic hotels don’t change names often. The name is part of the history of the location. There better be a good reason to mess with that.

And a lawsuit isn’t a good reason.

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How To Go Glamping, Oregon Trail Style, in Yosemite’s New Covered Wagons

Remember the video game Oregon Trail? The series was released in the 1970s and was frequently updated such that it’s still around. But it was at its peak of popularity from the mid-1980s the mid-2000s. The original game was designed to teach kids about the realities of 19th century pioneer life, including traveling in a covered wagon for months on end. Unfortunately, you or your family member sometimes died of dysentery. Or typhoid fever. Or cholera. Or diphtheria. (BTW, totally off topic, but this Mental Floss “Where are they now?” take on all the things that could kill you on the Oregon Trail is kind of interesting. Well, as interesting as mostly-eradicated in the U.S. [*cough* except measles *cough*] illnesses can be).


Welp, taking a page from Oregon Trail (or maybe not), Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodging is now offering Conestoga covered wagons as hotel rooms. But they’re nothing like the ones the pioneers used on the Oregon Trail. These will let you “glamp” in the lap of luxury, complete with air conditioning, heat, a soft bed, a refrigerator and even a microwave!

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Where’s Your Happy Place?

Your happy place is where you just feel right. It may be somewhere you visit often or somewhere you’ve only been once. It’s a place that envelops you and covers you in a feeling of happiness and joy. It’s a place where you’re sad when you have to leave and all you can think about is how and when you’re going to get back.

Before Guinan shows up and reminds me that I’m stealing the description of the Nexus from Star Trek: Generations, let me explain.

Guinan TNG

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