Update to Staying at WDW With Reward Points, What’s Wrong With B.A., Halloween at Theme Parks & More

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here are some articles we’ve read this week from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along.


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What You Get If You Sign Up For These Hotel Programs

Miles and points are two ways to improve the way you travel and getting a healthy balance of hotel points is a major part of that. Even if you don’t go out of your way to collect hotel points through other means, just getting points for the stays you pay for can eventually earn you enough for a night or two off on a future stay. That’s money you can use for something else on your trip.

We used our Starwood points for a room at the Great Northern Hotel in London – it’s just outside King’s Cross Station

Nothing in the miles and points world is free and keeping these points active does require work to make sure the points you have don’t expire.  However using a website like AwardWallet can help you keep track of all of your points and miles accounts.

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Disney Area Hotel Sale For First Responders Expanded To Other Professions

When you hear the term “first responders,” you usually think of paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), police officers, firefighters and rescuers. Well, the Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels apparently think that list should be a little bit longer, so to hail these American heroes, they’re offering their First Responder Sale to U.S. citizens in those professions, as well as to doctors, nurses and 911 dispatchers.

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How To Avoid Extra Credit Card Fees During International Travel

Going on an international trip is very exciting but it can also be very expensive. Using a credit card to pay for purchases when traveling internationally is often the best way to get a good exchange rate and the rate your bank gets will be better than the one you’ll get on your own if you exchange cash. Using a card also means that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of cash with you. However, many cards will add on a “foreign transaction fee” to any transactions made with anything except your home currency. Here’s an easy way to keep from paying that extra 2-3 percent on all of your purchases while away.

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The Easiest Way You’ll Ever Earn 1,500 Points

Joe is really the points and miles person in our family. He’s the one who will research credit cards, apply for them, and figure out which ones I need to use for which purchases so we can maximize how many hotel points or frequent flyer we’ll get. Personally, I’d rather just use my green Amex (that I’ve had for 25 and have the number memorized) for everything…but apparently that card is worth diddlysquat in the points & miles world, so I know if I want the occasional free flight or hotel room, I have to play by the rules of my beloved Points and Miles Guru.

Sometime though, I’M the one who find the points or miles deals. Like this one…

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