Why You Need To Diversify Your Miles and Points Portfolio

As you may have read, we had a blowout trip through the American Southwest in 2017. For us, a fifteen night trip is an amazingly long time to be away from home. We could have stayed at the same hotel chain properties and worked our way towards some low level of status. However, it was much better for us to pick the best hotel for us in each location and use the most sensible form of payment, be it paying cash or using points. The same thing went for the flights, which were booked with a combination of cash and airline miles.


This was possible because I had a stash of points in several hotel programs as well as had transferrable credit card points. Some of the rooms I paid for because the hotels either weren’t part of any point program or there was a promotion that made paying with cash a much better value than using points.

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When Paying The Check At A Restaurant, I Froze When I Needed To Pull A Card Out Of My Wallet

I guess there are worse problems to have than not knowing which is the best card to pull out of my wallet when paying for a meal. When I went out for dinner with friends last night, we split the check and I needed to choose a card to pay for my share. I saw someone paying with an American Express Gold Card that earns four Membership Rewards per dollar and the other party was paying with a Capital One card that earns 4% cash back. So I needed to make sure my selection showed I know the best way to maximize points earning. I mean, I’m the one at the table who writes about points and miles, right? So why did I freeze and ponder which would be the best card for me to use?

It wasn’t that I didn’t have a card that earned a great return, it was that I had three cards in my wallet that each would earn a good return on the cost of my dinner.¬†Any of them would be a good choice, but which card was the best choice and did I choose wisely?

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How Will Hyatt Place’s New Breakfast Policy Affect You?

In June, Hyatt announced that their free breakfast policy at Hyatt Place hotels would be changing starting on November 1, 2018. That date has now come and gone. Here’s a refresher on the changes and what they’ll mean to you.

Previously, every guest at a Hyatt Place received free breakfast. The one time we’ve stayed at the brand in Raleigh, NC, the breakfast was better than most free hotel breakfasts (meaning it was actually edible).


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