The Coolest (Craziest?) Hotel & Airbnb Listings I’ve Ever Seen (Part 1)

Joe and I love to stay at “different” places. From the hotel in London that used to be a train station, to Dromoland Castle in Ireland, to the hotel in Chicago that used to be home to the New York Life Insurance company, the odder the better. BTW, this included the capsule hotel that Joe promised we can FINALLY stay at when we go to Japan again next year.

Anyway, because we tend to use points & miles for a lot of our trips, we don’t have as many opportunities to stay at some places that just look AMAZINGLY different. Like these…

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Why Do Airports Have Carpeting? And How Much One City Loved Its Airport’s Carpet

In just about any airport in the world, most of the floors almost always have carpeting.

There may be a few swaths here and there with regular hard tile flooring but for the most part, carpet seems to be in the majority.

Teal carpet with pink tiles around the fountain in MCO’s Terminal B

What’s up with that?

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Amazing Stuff I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do And See At An Airport

Traveling, in general, isn’t fun. Sure, if you’re going on vacation, the journey is part of the trip so you may be able to concentrate on the good parts of the travel, rather than the rushing and delays and being squashed in a tin can like sardines for hours on end. And some airports have made the “airport experience” more interesting (and profitable) with enhanced shopping, dining and even personal services like massages available.

But there are a few airports around the world that have added some VERY different experiences…

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Exploring The Wacky Toilets of Japan, All In One Place!

Joe and I love Japan. I’ve been there 4 times and Joe 3, and we’re looking at 2020 for our 5th/4th visit. Now, if there’s one thing we can count on from Japan, it’s its quirkiness or even, if you’ll forgive us, its weirdness. Cuz really…for every charming thing like Hayao Miyazaki films, or amazingly fun thing like Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo DisneySea, or gorgeous natural thing like Mt. Fuji, there’s the off-center thing like MXC (Most Extreme Challenge – I LOVE that show), an incinerator that looks like a theme park, or the annual Kanamara Matsuri, also known as the Penis Festival ( <– YouTube link is NSFW). If you haven’t figured it out yet, Joe and I really like off-center stuff (OK, maybe not the Penis Festival so much), which, yeah, plays a part in why we describe YMMV as, “A slightly off-center look at travel, hotel points, frequent flyer miles & other ways to save.”

So when I found out there’s a guy in Japan that has essentially made an art form of photographing quirky/weird public toilets in Japan, let’s just say I wasn’t the least bit surprised…

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A Not-Seen-In-25-Years Walt Disney World Video, How to Get Global Entry for Free + More!

Happy Saturday, y’all! Here’s a quick recap of the posts we wrote this week:

This week Joe wrote about:

And Sharon wrote about:

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