How To Find Reviews & Info About Airport Lounges Around The World

Say you don’t travel that much but you have enough status, or a specific credit card, or are willing to pay to get into airport lounges here and there – which one should you go to? More importantly, which ones SHOULDN’T you go to? (Hint: we don’t recommend this one) Or maybe you’re on the go all the time and wind up at an airport you’re less familiar with and want help in deciding what lounge to visit. Or perhaps you have a favorite lounge in O’Hare but you don’t remember what terminal it’s in. Well, just like nearly everything else in the 21st century, there’s a website for all of that!

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Is It Wrong To Spy On Your Friends’ and Familys’ Flights?

I’ll admit it – I’m a flight stalker. If a friend or family member is taking a trip, I’ll occasionally look up their flight and follow it online. Even if you don’t know their flight number or airline, if you know when they’re leaving and where they’re going it’s pretty easy to narrow down which flight they’re taking.

It started when I had to help some friends when their flights had mechanical problems or flight delays and they were wondering if they would still make their connecting flights. Since I’m at home at a computer, it’s easier for me to help by checking flight schedules and tracking other flights. However, it’s getting to the point where even I think I’m getting a little obsessive.

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Want To Keep All Of Your Travel Plans Organized? Use TripIt

Keeping track of travel reservations can be quite a chore. You’ll have an email box clogged full of airlines, hotels, car rentals, trains, meetings, appointments, tickets and whatever else you’re planning for your trip. Back in the day, I used to keep a folder with printouts of all this information and brought it with me wherever we traveled. I also needed to bring a backpack full of maps and travel books. Now I’ve traded in that folder for a website and phone app that keep all this information organized for me.

Travel back in the day included carrying and reading endless guidebooks. It was especially fun in the rain.

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Five Reasons You Should Be Using AwardWallet

Once you’ve been paying attention to points and miles for a while, it becomes inevitable that you’ll end up with a stack of membership cards from various programs. Airline programs. Hotel programs. Rental Car programs. Credit Card programs. Dining programs. You name it and I probably have a card for it. One of the services that I find invaluable to keep this all organized is AwardWallet. Here’s five things that AwardWallet does that’ll make your life easier:

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How To Learn About The Food On Your Upcoming Flight

When people fly nowadays, it’s pretty rare to get a full meal, unless you’re in First or Business Class, or are on a particularly long flight (and even then, especially on low-cost carriers, meals may only be available for purchase). If you know where to search, you can sometimes find out what a specific airline usually offers as a meal for your particular flight, but each airline “hides” this information in a different place on its respective website and it can take some time to find it if you’re not used to looking for such things. However the mystery is now solved if you want to easily know ahead of time what food you may get on your next flight.

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