Disney Roller Coasters, New Hotel Pet Peeve, The Great Hotel Toilet Incident & More

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How’s The Weather In…? (Finding Out The Weather For Your Travel Destination)

I’m on several message boards dedicated to travel and see a lot of people who initiate threads with, “How is the weather in [for example] Orlando in December?” Or “What’s the weather like in [for example] New York City right now?” My first thought it always, “I hope they have a weather app or know how to search for the weather.” Well, maybe they don’t :-). So in case you’re planning to travel and want a better idea of what weather you may encounter, read on…

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What Can You Do When You Might Miss Your Connecting Flight?

It’s everyone’s travel nightmare. After making sure you get to the airport extra early because of the delays at check-in and security, you finally get to your gate and find a seat, preferably near a power plug. You hope there are no yelling children around, or adults talking with their phone on speaker mode. You start reading your book on your Kindle or watch some cute video of cats on your phone to pass the time. When it’s almost boarding time for your flight, there’s one small HUGE problem – there’s no plane at the gate. You think, “There’s no way we’re leaving on time but if we were delayed, wouldn’t the airline tell us?” The dread of knowing you only have 90 minutes to make your connecting flight and who knows how long you’re going to be delayed sets in. You’d stand at the counter to ask one of the employees but you notice the line is already 15 people deep with fellow travelers who already had the same thoughts as you. If you’re waiting for the airline to let you know about a delay, you’re already WAY BEHIND THE CURVE.

Being prepared for a travel delay or cancellation is just like getting ready for a snowstorm or a hurricane. You don’t want to be the person rushing to the store the last minute to stock up on milk, bread, water, toilet paper (and possibly alcohol) and all you find are empty shelves. You need to have your emergency kit prepared ahead of time. This means you need to have several important travel apps ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Here are things you can do when your flight is delayed or cancelled that will, hopefully, help you get to your destination:

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