How To Tell Various Map Apps To Avoid Tolls

There are plenty of driving apps out there. Regardless of which one you use, the most important setting to know is the one telling the app to avoid tolls. On my recent trip to New Jersey, I knew that I’d be traveling through a major toll road area. I set Waze, my preferred map (when I’m traveling somewhere with reliable cell service), to avoid tolls.

The first leg of my trip was easy because, unknown to me, New Jersey has eliminated tolls on the Northbound Garden State Parkway (GSP). Going from my lunch with family to my grammar school reunion was another story; I knew there’d be tolls.


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Planning An Epic Road Trip? Better Make Sure Your Map Can Come With You

Getting ready for an road trip isn’t as difficult as it used to be. There was a time when you needed to know your route ahead of time, which meant pulling out the trusty atlas to see the highways you’d be traveling on.


The role of navigator was almost as important as the driver. That person was responsible for feeding turn by turn directions while making sure the car radio was providing quality traveling music and staying awake to make sure the driver didn’t fall asleep.

Technology changes and mobile GPS, TomToms or SatNav devices have made navigation on a trip as easy as following directions from Yoda. Well, maybe easy that would not be.

Nowadays we don’t need a separate GPS device, as our cell phone gives us directions to where ever we want. Well, until it doesn’t.

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