Dear W Hotels – Stop With The Impossible To Understand Room Categories

Trying to figure our what type of room you’re booking is difficult enough without hotels giving fancy names to the categories. No hotel is worse when it comes to that than the W Hotel chain. I discovered these strangely named room categories when booking a stay at the W Hollywood. Remember, they’re the hotel that told us we needed to bring our party game with us.

Since I was booking with points, I could only book the base level room if there was one available. Here were the room categories I had to choose from:

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Hotel Review: W New Orleans – French Quarter – New Orleans, LA

When we started to plan our long overdue trip to New Orleans, we needed to find a place to stay. We’re not party animals, so staying on Bourbon St. wasn’t very appealing to us but we still wanted to stay in the French Quarter. Hotels in the area can be quite expensive, with the top properties like the Ritz Carlton, Royal Sonesta and Hotel Monteleone charging over $500 a night, so I figured this would be a great chance to book a hotel with points. Since we were staying for five nights, we’d get a free night on an award stay with Hilton or Marriott. We didn’t have enough Hilton points but we had plenty of Marriott points after the merger with SPG. It would also be our first chance to take advantage of Sharon’s newly acquired Platinum Marriott Rewards status.

We had a choice between several Marriott/SPG properties in New Orleans and finally decided on one which fulfilled our needs…

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The Case Of The Mysterious MiniBar Charge – Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen To You

I admit, this sounds like the title of some Hardy Boys Mystery. However, it’s a story that I’m sure plays out endless times in hotels around the world. If you’ve stayed in a moderate to high end hotel, I have no doubt you’ve come across an in-room minibar that looks much like this:

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Points & Bitcoin, A New Lounge in Reno, Don’t Miss Out on LOTS of Points, + More!

Hi friends! Here are the articles we saw last week, written by other travel bloggers, that we learned from, made us think or maybe made us chuckle a little bit. We hope you enjoy them!

Did you read anything travel-related this week that you thought was interesting? Please share!

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Hotel Review: W Hollywood, Hollywood, California

I dropped some hints about staying at the W Hollywood in my post about whether you would still stay here after receiving an emailed warning from the hotel prior to our check-in:

On weekends, W Hollywood is a high energy, adult environment. If you’re looking to live large, you’ve come to the right place. If you prefer a quiet environment or are traveling with children, we suggest you stay at one of our sister properties. Contact us at 323-798-1332 for assistance. You won’t be charged for a cancellation fee within 48 hours of receiving this letter. 

Even though we’re not known for living large, we still decided to stay at the hotel for the same reason we picked it in the first place, it was in the PERFECT location for the main reason of our trip.

Sharon’s 5th time seeing it! (And my 4th. Sorry, not sorry)

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