How’d An X-Wing Fighter Show Up On FlightAware?

I’m a big fan of FlightAware. It’s one of the seven travel apps you need to have when traveling. It’s also the app I use to spy on family and friends when they’re traveling.

So the last thing I’m expecting to see when I pull up FlightAware is an X-Wing on the map.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.43.37 PM

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Best Laid Plans Foiled By Flight Cancellations, Part 2

We don’t go on big trips that often so I try to make the most of them when I can. For our upcoming trip, I was able to book a flight on Singapore from JFK-FRA, with a continuing flight to SZG. To get home, I booked a flight with Delta from FRA-MCO.

I’ve already written about how Delta messed with our flights home by canceling the FRA-DTW segment of our flight (for 3 weeks).

Apparently, that wasn’t the only monkey wrench to be thrown into our plans.

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Mileage Expiration Policies Of US Airlines Have Changed. Here’s The Current List

It’s hard enough to earn airline miles so letting those miles expire can be a painful experience, depending on how many miles you have in your account. I was willing to let some of my Frontier Miles expire until someone told me it was possible to donate them to a charity. While I’m all for donating miles, I’d also like to keep them active and use them to pay for future travel.

Fortunately, two airlines have recently changed their mileage expiration policies so I thought it might be a good idea to go over how long you have until your miles expire for the major US airlines.

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Earn Airline Miles When Eating Out: Airline Dining Programs Master List

If there’s a single easier way to earn airline miles without flying on an airplane than signing up for a dining program, I’m not aware of it. For those of you who still don’t know about these programs, I’ll provide some information about them, links to their respective websites and what you’ll get to sign up and how much you’ll earn down the line.

The best thing about a dining program is that it’s truly a set it and forget it type of thing. Sure, there are ways to maximize your earnings that I’ll touch on but this is more just a starter (or reminder) for everyone on all the different programs that are out there.

To sign up for any of these dining programs, you’ll first need to be a member of their frequent flyer program. Here’s a link to our article on how to sign up for each one, if you haven’t already done so.

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Airline Status Matters For Some People But Most Of Us Should Just Ignore It

When you think about frequent flyer programs, you need to separate the two functions they serve. One part of the program is where you earn points by flying with the airline (or by having a co-brand credit card, transferring miles from a flexible currency partner, using a shopping or dining portal) which you can redeem for things like free flights (and other items like merchandise, upgrades and  lounge memberships). Airlines have made earning points from flying more and more difficult while offering large bonuses for credit card sign-ups.

The other part of a frequent flyer program is the ability to earn status with your travels. The more you fly on an airline (or one of their alliance partners), the higher status you achieve. When you get status, you earn perks like free checked bags, upgrades, lounge access as well as a dedicated service line to speak with when you need assistance. The higher the level of status you have, the more points you’ll earn when you fly, tying the two parts of the program together.

While I feel that everyone should pay attention to the points earning side of frequent flyer programs, it just doesn’t make sense for most people to worry about getting status with an airline.

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