Posts We Like: “When An Airline Proves Twitter Support Is Officially Worthless”

TwitterWe read other travel bloggers all the time, for tips, ideas, news and anything else that can pop up in the world of miles and points. We saw this post earlier this week, from another travel blogger, One Mile At A Time. It discusses how Twitter can be the best or the worst thing ever when you’re trying to fix a problem with an airline.

We just recently used Twitter to fix our reservation with JetBlue and they were great, but we admittedly sent a direct message to them instead of a public tweet. We also tweeted Delta to help us get money back on an item they broke in transit and they were great in quickly giving us a phone number to get started. But in One Mile At A Time’s article, they showed how the airlines’ priorities can sometimes get in the way of good customer service. We agree that it does depend on the airline (or hotel) and the problem you are asking them about.

Have you ever tweeted a company to help get resolution for a problem? How well was it resolved (or not)?