25 Funny Tweets About Traveling With Kids

Ah, family vacations…time for everyone to have togetherness 24 hours a day for however many days in a row. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it’s frustrating, and sometimes you get some really good one-liners about it. Like these…

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If The Airlines Treat Celebrities This Terribly, How Do You Think They’ll Treat You?

Airlines get a bad rap, often deservedly so. According to USA Today, in 2018, two of the twenty most hated companies in America were airlines, with United coming in at number 19 and Spirit, not surprisingly, getting the number 9 slot. I think this comes from many customer unfriendly policies airlines implement, ranging anywhere from non-refundable tickets, excess baggage charges, Basic Economy tickets and charging for everything from Wi-Fi to blankets and even sodas while onboard. I’ve read post after post of Facebook friends who have been treated horribly by airlines. But here’s a question – if airlines are willing to treat celebrities, sports figures and national icons horribly, what makes you think you’re any different? Please know that I’m writing this knowing that these celebrities are complaining about #firstworldproblems.

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Funny Tweets From People Who Hate To Fly

Some people just hate to fly. I don’t mean the people who are afraid to and just don’t (although there are things you can do to help alleviate that). I mean the ones who fly, sometimes on a regular basis, but don’t like it, either because of fear, the uncomfortableness of the whole process, or a myriad of other possible reasons.

Some people who obviously don’t like to fly have tweeted their apprehension, anger or just “shaking their head at people,” which allows people like you and me to have a smile, chuckle or a, “Yup, I totally get what you’re saying” moment. Enjoy…

Note: Some of these tweets have very adult language that’s NSFW

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These Have Got To Be THE BEST Travel-Related Twitter Accounts Ever

Social media…what would we do without it? Well, probably quite a lot, LOL! Twitter, in particular, has a lot of fans and a lot of naysayers, and I’ve seen and experienced both sides of that coin. But I do have to admit there are a lot of corporate Twitter accounts out there that are very well done and just, well, FUN! In between their plain ol’ ho hum tweets, places such as Wendy’s, Charmin, Netflix, and even Moon Pie will throw out some zingers that can definitely put a smile on your face, and even an occasional, “Oh no (s)he di’in’t!” 😉

But there’s a handful of travel-related Twitter accounts that I find particular helpful, fun and informative. Check these out:

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What To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed By The Weather

It’s after Memorial Day and that means we’re entering prime leisure travel season in the US. Kids are out of school and families are going on trips that they planned all year. Unfortunately, this is also the time of the year where weather can wreak havoc on airline travel on an almost daily basis. Living in Orlando, we’re accustomed to severe weather blowing through all the time. Here’s a picture a friend of ours took just last week looking from one side of the car and then the other. 33522921_10215602529437177_3215811944896266240_o

With sudden changes to the weather being the norm for six months out of the year, we’re used to experiencing weather delays when flying. While we try to take these things in stride, we’ve watched people go through every level of grief over a 45 minute delay. Here’s our tips on what you can and should do if your flight is delayed.

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