How To Get Free Upgrades From Hotels

I’ve been able to score countless upgrades in hotels using this trick. It’s totally legal, amazingly easy to do and doesn’t throw off my moral compass. Even those who are timid about asking for upgrades can make this trick work for them. I’m not saying it’ll work 100% of the time but when it does, it’s nice to feel like you’re getting more than you paid for.

Of course, the easiest way to get a hassle-free upgrade is to have a high level of status with a company’s loyalty program. Now, I don’t travel enough to earn status and have no intention of chasing status and locking myself into one specific brand. I get some perks by strategically choosing certain credit cards, such as the American Express Platinum Card, which gives me certain perks and mid-level status in some programs. Hotels will often proactively upgrade members with status to a higher level or “executive” room before checking in.   Continue reading “How To Get Free Upgrades From Hotels”

Why You Should Avoid Going To A Hotel Right After It Opens


There’s something in all of us that makes us want to be the first one to do something. It’s human nature, or whatever. The feeling you get knowing you’re the first person to see something, or stay somewhere, or eat somewhere or just to travel to an exotic destination.

It’s for the same reason that people love to go to, and read about, brand new things. New hotels. New restaurants. New bars. New theme park lands and new cruise ships.

If you’re a regular traveler and don’t need to go somewhere right when it opens, do yourself a favor and don’t. Leave that stuff to the travel bloggers who love to go to and write about these events, regardless of if they’re good or bad. The easiest location to avoid around a grand opening is a hotel because you’re usually booking before the opening date and there’s some notice that the location is not yet finished during the process.

Here are a few reasons it’s not a good idea to plan a visit around a grand opening:

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The Things I Will Not Do For Your Mileage May Vary

It’s apparently all the rage to write a post about the ethical decisions you make when writing a blog. Lucky from One Mile at a Time wrote his. Gary from View From the Wing also wrote his opinions on the subject.  The internet is a complicated place and everyone has to draw their own line about what they’re willing to do and what they’re not. Sharon and I try to be truly honest about what we write on the blog. The things we write are our own thoughts and haven’t been cleared by anyone, except maybe each other. When we get any type of compensation for a link or referral, we’re always totally up front about what you’ll get and that we’ll get something, too.

I still have my feelings about what everyone has written on the subject. I don’t want to call this post a rant, because I think all rants ever do are let you get something off of your chest. Instead, I prefer to think of this post as a series of thoughts. The way I wish the world worked, which, for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t. But it should. If I had my way about things. Which I don’t.  Continue reading “The Things I Will Not Do For Your Mileage May Vary”