Silvercar Is Our Favorite Rental Car Company (We Never Get To Use)

Silvercar. My most favorite car rental company. I’m a huge fan of so many of the things they do to make renting a car more enjoyable. I’ve never felt they were out to wring every penny out of me when I rented a car from them. Sure, their cars are more expensive than the other guys. However as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

So what makes Silvercar so different than all of the other car rental companies?

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What If Your Rental Car Company Overcharges You For Tolls?

Paying for toll roads and bridges/tunnels has become more complicated in recent years. More and more locations are depending on toll-by-plate systems to send you a bill or otherwise use a transponder in your car to keep track of how much you owe. If you go through a toll in a rental car, the bill for the toll goes to the rental car company and eventually gets charged to your credit card. Rental car companies have turned this into another way for them to rip you off augment their revenue stream and often add huge surcharges to rentals even if you only go through one toll during your rental. We’ve written about how you can try to avoid these charges by renting from a company who charges a fair rate for their toll payment services. But what if the car rental company sends you a bill after your rental for tolls you know you didn’t go through?

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National Car Rental Changing Price Of TollPass Service

I never used to look at emails that told me about changes to Terms and Conditions (T&C). I mean, I couldn’t do anything about the changes they were making and most of the time they didn’t affect me, anyway. But I’ve recently started to read them a bit more carefully and I just discovered a change that National has snuck into the Emerald Club Rules.

My Spidey senses were activated when the email started with this picture.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.31.49 PM
Dear Emerald Club Member,

Thank you so much for your business. We wanted to inform you that we are making some changes to the terms and conditions you agreed to when you joined Emerald Club®. For additional information regarding the changes to the terms and conditions, please see the FAQs posted on the website. The good news is the benefits you receive from your Emerald Club membership are not changing. Your membership level and how you achieve membership tier status will stay the same. You will keep all of your rental credits, and the way you earn credits and redeem free days remains unchanged. Furthermore, Emerald Club services, such as counter bypass and Aisle access, remain the same.

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Our Disneyland Backup Plan, The Best Travel Jacket, Funny Airplane Employee Announcements + More…

Happy Saturday, friends. Sharon’s busy baking the first batch of Christmas cookies for the season, so I’m here writing the weekly recap. I’m not gonna complain because her cookies are really yummy.

This week Sharon wrote about:

Joe wrote about:

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Learn What You May Have To Pay For Toll Roads BEFORE Renting A Car

When you rent a car anywhere in the U.S.A., you will always encounter some charges tacked on to the cost of the actual rental. Taxes. Fees. Surcharges. Upcharges. You know what I mean. If you’re going to be on any toll roads during your rental period, you should know ahead of time what the charges will be for tolls, especially if you’re going to be on a toll road that doesn’t take cash (a situation that is happening more and more often). Not following each rental car company’s respective rules for same could potentially gain you extra penalties that could run from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Here’s the rundown on what to expect:

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