Our Favorite Bars In Manhattan

Undoubtedly, the place we visit more than any other is New York City. Maybe it’s because we both grew up there, or because it’s Sharon’s happy place, but more of our vacation nights are spent there than anywhere else. That being the case, we’ve found ourselves looking for a place to chill out more than once. We’ve spent some time in bars that were just blah but we’ve found a few favorites that we’d like to share.

Now, I’m not telling you what the hip, trendy bars are, as there are other blogs where you can read about those places. Instead, imagine a couple like Sharon and me, wanting a place to sit down and have a drink before or after a show, dressed like whatever we wore to tour NYC. Those are the places you’ll find on our list.

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Hotel Review: Courtyard New York Manhattan/Central Park

We’ve stayed at several hotels in Manhattan around the theater district. We’ve gone fancy, like the time we stayed at the Waldorf=Astoria and we’ve gone for the best value when we stayed at the Fitzpatrick Grand Central. This trip, we had a set of parameters we needed a hotel to meet. We didn’t want it to be too expensive and we wanted to be close to the Sheraton New York on 53rd St.

I was flexible with booking either a chain or independent hotel since I planned on using our Citi Prestige card to book our four-night stay and get one night free. A quick search turned up a hotel which had a rate which was almost too low to be believed.

Going to the hotel website, I confirmed the rate was real and booked a room with the Citi Concierge via email.

Here are the details of our stay:

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