J.D. Power 2019 Report: The Best Airlines In North America

The responses of the annual J.D. Power 2019 North America Airline Satisfaction StudySM have been tabulated and analyzed and the top U.S. airlines have been announced.

We’ll cut to the chase and let you know that Alaska Airlines won first place for traditional carriers for the 12th consecutive year (!!!), and JetBlue and Southwest tied for best of all the low-cost airlines after Southwest grabbed the first place title from JetBlue for 2 years in a row.

Here are the rankings:

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The Best & Worst Airports In The U.S. & The World, Ranked For 2019

If you had to name the best airport in the world, or just in the United States, which would you say it’d be? How about the worst? How would it compare to this report that just came out? Read on…

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Survey: Percentage of Americans Who’ve Never Flown, Traveled Outside Their Birth State, Owned Luggage, & More

When you travel a lot, be it for business or pleasure, it might become difficult to remember that not everyone is as fortunate when it comes to travel. In fact, would you believe that eleven percent of Americans have never even traveled outside the state where they were born? Read on for some more interesting statistics…

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J.D. Power: The U.S. Airports That Passengers Love The Most (And The Least!)

The 2018 edition of J.D. Power’s annual North American Airport Satisfaction Study was released a few weeks ago and although some of their results are very surprising, some are very…not 😉

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Extended Black Friday Deals, Secret Passwords For Free Stuff, & More…

From how to not lose your credit card points to a cool “buy one, get one free” deal, here are some stories we saw this week that we thought were interesting. We hope you will, too:

  • Many Black Friday hotel deals are actually good through Cyber Monday
    Here’s a master list of all of them, thanks to Deals We Like.
  • We loved our stay at the Kimpton in Chicago. If you’re staying at one of their properties this winter, be sure to give the secret password when checking in for some extra goodies. Check out BaldThoughts for all the info!
  • We’ve read about the most luxurious hotel spas, bathrooms, pools, bedrooms, and lounges but maybe you’re grasping for material when you write about the most luxurious closet. Take a look at Oyster.com for all the closety goodness.
  • If you’re really into miles and points, going to a Frequent Traveler University is the way to take it to the next level. The next one was just announced for Seattle in February and if you decide to go, I’ll see you there. As per Rapid Travel Chai, hey have a Black Friday special going for this weekend, giving you $30 off.
  • View From The Wing gave a great report on the survey that American Airlines did with all of their employees. As someone who is familiar with this type of workplace survey. I’m surprised American did as well as they did.
  • If you know us at all, you can bet we bookmarked this link about quirky museums from The Points Guys for our travels!
  • I was sad to read on Wandr that Eastern Airlines is going away (again). At least we got to fly them to Cuba last year.
  • Just another reason why Canadians are cooler than Americans. They know how to handle a flight delay. Thanks to One Mile At A Time for sharing!
  • One concept that people fail to grasp is that if you cancel a credit card, you need to make sure that you don’t lose your points. Here’s a post from Frequent Miler that tells you what to do for the three major banks.
  • This deal that Doctor of Credit reported may still be available with Chase Pay to get “buy one, get one” movie tickets. I thought it was a such a good deal that it was what I groggily told Sharon about when I woke up from anesthesia.
  • We saw this in-airport flu clinic when we flew from O’Hare this weekend, and now No Mas Coach reported on it. If you haven’t gotten one yet, get your flu shot!

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