The Best Way To See The Statue Of Liberty

During our visit to Manhattan over Thanksgiving weekend, we planned a day where we’d have the chance to do something we hadn’t done in a long time and it involved us taking a boat. No, we weren’t going to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. We weren’t going to Ellis Island either. We’d done both of those things before. Our trip was more important, we were going to Staten Island.

Yes, that Staten Island.

Sharon lived there for much of her life and for as long as I knew her before we moved to Florida. Once I got to go back to New Jersey for my reunion, she wanted to go back to her home borough for the Staten Island versions of authentic New York pizza and Chinese food (Note from Sharon: cuz they don’t taste ANYTHING like the pizza and Chinese you get in Manhattan).

One perk of going to Staten Island is that when you take the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan, you get what might be the best view of the Statue of Liberty from the water. Even better than the boats that take you to Liberty Island. The kicker is, the Staten Island Ferry is free.

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What Some Of The World’s Crabbiest People Say About Some Of The Most Beloved Places On Earth

There are some people who, I think, just live to be unhappy. You know the kind I mean…they always have a scowl on their face and wherever they are and whatever they see, they’re going to have a complaint. Here’s what some of these crabby people had to say about the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben (which is temporarily closed – it’s been reported all over the internet for nearly 2 years), The Statue of Liberty, Angkor Wat and Pyramids of Giza.

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