How to Donate Your Miles and Points to Support Hurricane Florence Victims

I know watching the news stories about the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence can make you feel helpless. The scope of this event just causes you to feel numb and you want to do something but don’t know how you can help.

Luckily, most of the airline and hotel programs are making it easy to contribute in any way you can. Even if you don’t have cash to spare, you can donate those random points you have here and there to the recovery effort. Face it, it’s better to donate them than redeem them for some magazines that you’ll never read.

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How To Decide What Rewards Credit Card To Sign Up For Next

NOTE: Offers mentioned in this post may no longer be available.

When I’m ready to sign up for a new credit card it’s an exciting time for me and  I’ll read though the recent articles listing the “Best sign up bonuses” so I have an idea of what is available. Instead of making yet another list, I’ll give some insight into what I take into consideration when making the decision of which card to apply for next.

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Sign Up Now For Marriott’s Fall/Winter Megabonus Promotion

Marriott has just completed the merger of the Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest and Ritz Carlton Rewards programs. While the merger of the three programs, which will not be complete until sometime in 2019, has suffered a series of technical issues, the programs are all now working with one currency under the same umbrella.

With the hard work of merging programs behind them, Marriott has just rolled out their newest Megabonus promotion. I’m sad to say that it wasn’t worth the wait.

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It’s WDW Food & Wine Festival Season, But Did You Know About This Other Food & Wine Event at Disney?

Walt Disney World’s International Food & Wine Festival has been held at Epcot since 1995. Starting as a relatively small event nearly 25 years ago, it’s now grown into a 10-week affair that includes exclusive food and beverage-related events, culinary classes, the Eat To The Beat concert series, special souvenirs galore and, of course, dozens of booths around World Showcase, highlighting samples of food and drink from around the world. It’s become a very popular event over time and one of the highlights of the year for hundreds of thousands of Disney and food fans.

However in the midst of all this, there’s another food and wine event held on Disney property that many less people know about…

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Reasons You Should Merge Your Starwood (SPG) and Marriott Accounts

We’re over two weeks out from the merger of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) into the Marriott Rewards (or whatever the new name will eventually be) program. Members of both programs were asked to “link” their accounts together months ago. Linking accounts had several advantages:

  • Matching status from one program to the other
  • Point transfers between the two programs with 1 SPG point = 3 Marriott Rewards points

Besides these reciprocal perks, the programs remained separate. Points earned at Starwood hotels were added to your SPG balance and the same for Marriott hotel stays earning Marriott Rewards points. You weren’t able to combine the stays or nights from both hotels to achieve a higher loyalty status level, a lingering problem that left many travelers who stayed at both brands feeling a little left out.

While the plans merged in August 2018, you are now able to “merge” your accounts. What’s the difference between “link” and “merge” and why didn’t they do this automatically? Here’s what Marriott’s saying:

Yes! Account linking offered a status match between the programs. But by combining your accounts, your earnings will be added together. So rather than just a match, you may get a status boost.

 If you already linked your accounts, that’s a great start. You created a connection – but they’re not yet one account. Now, by combining, you’ll only have one login to remember and be able to earn and redeem points across all 29 participating brands with that single account.

Heck if I know what that means. What I do know is that Sharon and I merged our accounts already and everything seems fine. While that’s not the case for everyone, here’s why I went ahead with merging our accounts.

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