Where To Eat Around St. Pancras & Kings Cross Stations

The area around Kings Cross and St. Pancras Stations used to be a rough one. People didn’t generally go too far away from the station.

But by the late 20th Century, the area known as the railway lands had become a series of disused buildings, railway sidings, warehouses and contaminated land.

Things started to change when the Eurostar station was moved to St. Pancras. The landowners decided to redevelop the area starting in 2008. Things have changed and the area is undergoing a serious urban renewal, let by the development of the Pancras Square area and its headline tenant, Google.

All of those new employees need places to eat after work and there’s no shortage of brand new establishments popping up to serve that need, each one trying to be more trendy, hip, elegant yet comfortably casual than the next. As I read it described online, it’s like Silicon Valley, but with more British accents.

If you’re staying in the area, this is great because there’s no shortage of places to go to dinner. Well, if you can get a table, that is.

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Hotel Review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London – Junior Suite

For our trip to London, choosing a hotel was one of the easiest things I had to do. Knowing that we were staying for five nights, I immediately started to think about hotels where I could get a free night. The Citi Prestige gives the fourth night free on paid stays but I didn’t want to pay for a hotel this trip. Hilton offers the fifth night free on award stays for anyone with Silver status and above, but I didn’t have enough Hilton points for a long stay in London. If you have the IHG Premier credit card, you get the fourth night free on award stays but we still have the older Select version of the IHG card so that wasn’t an option either.

The other program that offers a fifth night free on award stays is Marriott Bonvoy. We had plenty of Marriott points and I’m trying to burn them in a smart way before the first points devaluation (already past) and the future implementation of Off Peak and Peak pricing.

Once I narrowed my focus to Marriott, there was one hotel on our list of places we really wanted to stay.

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