Don’t let your miles expire (like I did)

I’m pretty obsessive about keeping track of my account balances. Ok, I’m very obsessive about it [edit by Sharon: Yes. Yes, he is 😉]. I’ve written about how I use the website AwardWallet to keep all of our accounts in line. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s a referral link that I’d appreciate if you use (full disclosure: I may get a bonus if you sign up with my referral link). One of the best functions of the website is they’ll send you an email alert when you have accounts that are about to go inactive. That is, except for when they don’t send an alert because they don’t know the account details – but that’s not their fault. For example,

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Our Weekly Recap: 6/4/17 – 6/10/17

Hello, friends! In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of our posts this week:

Joe wrote about:

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Southwest Airlines’ Twice-A-Year $49 Sale is NOW!

If you follow Southwest Airlines’ prices with any consistency, you know they have sales on a pretty regular basis. But twice a year they offer what I like to call The Mother Of All Sales and RIGHT NOW is the time! From today until this Thursday, June 8th, they’re offering a 3-day sale that could potentially allow you to fly for less than $100 (or just 4,660 Rapid Rewards points), round-trip! Here’s more info:
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Southwest & JetBlue Sales – Save Money & Points! (Hurry! Sales End Tomorrow!)

This just in! Both Southwest and JetBlue are having fare sales, so if you are in need of some flights, right now might be the best time to book them! Here are the details…
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Airfare pricing drives me crazy

I’ve booked a fair amount of airfare over the years, always trying to get the best price for the flights I wanted. At first I used a program called Easy SAABRE (anybody else remember that one?) that linked into the same system used by travel agents to book flights. I remember the amazement when I would call my travel agent and feed her the flights I wanted to take and told her what the price should come out to be.

Alas, the days of IBM PC computers, 2400 baud modems and airlines changing fares once a week are long gone. Now prices can change from one second to the next, depending on if there is a change of any one of many factors that go into the formula the airline uses to set their price.  So how do you beat the system?

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Buyer Beware: Do your homework before booking a flight with a “basic” fare

I was doing some serious travel planning over the last two weeks. We are focusing on taking several shorter trips this year and that means I need to book more flights than usual for us. Since I’ve been booking our domestic flights with my Southwest miles or on JetBlue, I haven’t paid much attention to changes the major airlines like American, Delta
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The pleasure of changing or cancelling a flight with Southwest Airlines

I’ve written before about how much we’ve traveled on Southwest recently and even how we haven’t paid for a flight on Southwest Airlines since 2015.  Well, the time eventually came when I had to book a ticket on Southwest with cash instead of miles. I just didn’t have enough Southwest miles left to cover the cost of the flight for both of us on this trip.

Photo By Brian from Toronto, Canada – Southwest 737, CC BY-SA 2.0,

17761038_1121957987914685_4477871181367452954_oWe are flying to Chicago for a weekend to see Hamilton  (Again. Don’t hate us.) and I know I cleared these dates with Sharon before I booked the airline tickets. But sometimes life happens and plans change. This time we needed to change our travel dates because Sharon was cast in the choir of Encore!  for their upcoming production of Hairspray at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando (shameless plug – tickets are on sale here).  This did cause a bit of a dilemma as Sharon now has a rehearsal scheduled for the day we were going to be flying to Chicago, and that just wasn’t going to work.

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