A Humorous Look At Disney Parks’ New Rules On Smoking, Ice and Strollers

You may have read in the past day or two that the Walt Disney Company released some new rules that will be going into effect in regards to where smoking will be allowed, bringing ice into the parks to keep items cold, and limits on the size and style of strollers (although they don’t specify anything by name in the post, Keenz stroller wagons will no longer be allowed) that can be brought into the parks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The full list of new rules can be found if you click here to get to Disney’s website.

Joe and I don’t smoke, bring ice or use a stroller in the park so the new rules won’t affect us at all, but my first thoughts went to those small mom-and-pop companies in Central Florida, that are unaffiliated with Disney, that rent Keenz stroller wagons, the large “Fantasy Strollers” that are shaped like a princess’s carriage and the “Spaceship” style strollers that look like the nose cone of the Millenium Falcon. Hopefully they’ll do OK with the change.

Hard core Disney fans appear to have some very strong opinions about these changes, and I’ve seen debates and even memes about why each new rule is good or bad. But this was my most favorite response of all…

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Why Do Planes Still Have Ashtrays?

The first time I ever went on a plane was February, 1979 and I’m pretty sure the flight (Eastern Airlines, then “The Official Airline of Walt Disney World” – it was our first visit to WDW) had a smoking section. I don’t remember if my second (also Eastern, also WDW, but January, 1983) or third (Bethel ME, March 1985…Peoples Express. We went skiing and I got drunk on a can and a half of beer. Why do I remember this crap???) flights allowed smoking, but by my NEXT flight (again WDW, Sept. 1992…Delta, because THAT was then The Official Airline Blah Blah Blah) and all those thereafter definitely did not. And yet, even today, almost 20 years since the last cigarette was allowed to be smoked on ANY plane (domestic, international, anywhere in the world; doesn’t matter), you can still find ashtrays in every single one of them.


Welp, I found out 😉

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