How To NOT Earn 30,000 Frequent Flyer Miles

Although Your Mileage May Vary initially started because of Joe’s talents with points and miles and other ways to save money while traveling, I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t care about the whole points and miles thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like the benefits of his hobby (after all, it gets us upgrades and free stuff!), but I’m very happy to stick to writing the “fun” articles about stuff like Disney and the weird toilets at Chicago-O’Hare Int’l airport. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a thing or two about points and miles along the way. Hence this situation, which happened the other day…

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Getting Past TSA More Easily, Delta/American Joining Forces, Timeshares Aren’t So Bad, & More!

Woop woop, it’s the weekend! Happy Saturday, everyone! Here’s a quick recap of the posts we wrote this week:

This week Joe wrote about:

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Just When I Think I’m Done With Skymiles, They Pull Me Back In

Delta Skymiles were the first airline miles currency I used with any frequency. I flew Delta often and they were a transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards, the only credit card I used, at the time, that earned points. I then started collecting them for real when I knew we were looking to go to Australia. Delta ran an offer in 2011 where if you transferred miles, they would double the amount of miles you were transferring, basically letting you buy Skymiles at a little more than a cent a piece. I maxed out Sharon’s and my limits on transferring miles. In retrospect I lucked out because in 2014 I was able to book two business class tickets from Los Angeles to Sydney on Virgin Australia using our Skymiles.

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Credit Card Review: Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card

I’m not someone who tends to churn credit cards. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘churning,’ it means applying for a card for the sign up bonus and cancelling it before the annual fee hits. Then you wait a while and apply for the same card again so you can earn the sign up bonus again. Rinse, repeat, spend miles, cancel card, apply……. and so on, and so on.

To fight against this practice, American Express has a policy of only offering one sign up bonus on each of their cards per “lifetime.” Since Sharon and I have both previously earned a sign up bonus for this card, we figured that we’d never be able to get one again. That was until Sharon received a mailer offering the card with a sign up bonus and there was no wording on the application saying it was limited to once in a lifetime. So she applied for the card and now we’re once again cardholders of the: Continue reading “Credit Card Review: Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card”

Should You Earn Rental Credits or Frequent Flyer Miles for National Car Rentals?

I’m a big fan of National Car Rental’s Emerald Aisle program. I’ve been a member for 20 years now (Ugh, Really? 20 years?)  For all that time and for all those rentals, I’ve never earned a single rental credit with National. I’ve earned frequent flyer miles for my rentals instead. For my travels, I just don’t rent cars often enough so it would take me forever to earn a free rental day.

National gives you 1 rental credit for each rental. If you rent a car for more than a week, you can earn extra credits. Here’s a breakdown of the earning for longer rentals since this information isn’t easily found on National’s website. It took some digging and I’m not surprised they want to keep this a secret:

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How To Avoid Extra Credit Card Fees During International Travel

Going on an international trip is very exciting but it can also be very expensive. Using a credit card to pay for purchases when traveling internationally is often the best way to get a good exchange rate and the rate your bank gets will be better than the one you’ll get on your own if you exchange cash. Using a card also means that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of cash with you. However, many cards will add on a “foreign transaction fee” to any transactions made with anything except your home currency. Here’s an easy way to keep from paying that extra 2-3 percent on all of your purchases while away.

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We are flying to Charlotte for $25!!!!

Forgive the clickbait headline. But truth be told, we really are flying for an out-of-pocket expense of less than $25. How? Thanks for asking!


Not all trips on points and miles are glamourous. Some are rather plain, yet important. Like when you and your wife want to fly to Charlotte for a friend’s wedding in little over than a month from now.

When I first started looking at flights, I was like “That’s like less than 500 miles. It can’t be that expensive of a flight.” Continue reading “We are flying to Charlotte for $25!!!!”